Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer information that you need to be knowledgeable when it’s time for you to purchase lease or service your next vehicle.

So let’s get right to it.
I want to talk to you today and remind you, customers, if something called the connected car and how it’s being pushed during these days of pandemic.
In other words, the covet 19 pandemic has led to many changes in the car buying, behavior and attitude.

Digital services and features are being readily accepted by people as a way of staying connected.

They feel more safe and they feel more aligned to your dealership.
Increasing penetration and vehicle screens may lead to some integration of some new digital features that are out there for you, the consumer.

What we want to do is look at some of the digital features and services that are available for cars, which among them will benefit you and your lifestyle and your behavioral needs when it comes to automobiles.
So if it comes to in-vehicle features, end vehicle features are there to increase you the consumer, to spend more time in their vehicle, so they thought about it in r d and they wanted to make sure that since you’re spending more time, you have all the things You need inside the cabin to be a well rounded trip which is enjoyable popular connected features like navigation, digital keys, wi-fi hotspots all these things.
Manufacturers have done for you, because your personalization of inside the cabin is what you’re looking for another thing during this pandemic is safety features.

Safety features naturally, are there to prevent accidents such as automatic emergency braking or lane departure warning people call things different ways, but manufacturers are putting these features on in drolls.
Someone has simply said we have nothing more now than just a computer on wheels and it is getting that way because you, the consumer, want these comforts when it comes to your next automotive buying experience how about connected to your overall living? How is this vehicle going to be part of that? Well, cars are expected to have a seamless integration with home and other devices promoting vehicle to everything.
So how about this new 5g network? Imagine if you had that in your vehicle.

What would that allow you to do in your vehicle when it comes to 5g and still communicating with your guests your clients out in the field? Would you be more productive? We know you will how about service connecting service promotions, social distancing and also the reduction in the number of garage trips that you will see coming month in quarter in a pay, as you go service will enable touchless transactions.
When we do things like this, we are healthier as a brick and mortar.

We are healthier because we’re giving you the consumer, what you’re, looking for and in the overall concept of service, what we’re trying to do is guard your vehicle to a point that when you sold it, it is still in the same pristine condition when it comes to Service we work hand in hand.

So what’s the conclusion of this connected car doing this pandemic, we must look at these cars in a way that how can we boast and produce by boosting this covet 19 into its own little room? Now we know that people will embrace a digital life that promotes more social, distancing, more safety, tracking efficiency services and features all this we know because of the virus.
What we’re saying is that there are dealer ships who represent manufacturers who already have what you’re looking for during these trying times.
You just need to do your research and figure them out, especially the increasing 5g network, coverages that all oems are starting to put when their vehicles come out of the factories.

Once again, brandon hardison president of champion spirit strategy.
Speaking for shop, smart autos, giving you some different information, why we know that you need to purchase a vehicle? We want you to be the most intelligent person when it comes out there, because we do know.
This is a big investment for you and your family brandon hardison, president of champion strategy, is always imparting.

You go out there.

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