Hi brandon hardison, president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer the best knowledge out there when it’s time for you to invest your hard dollars into transportation, that’s reliable, dependable and safety for you and your family.

So we’re here to talk about some different issues of what’s going on, if you’ve ever seen any one of the posts, so today we want to talk about dealerships that are finding success with digital retailing during the coronavirus.

Now, why is this a good thing? Well, for one thing: you do not want to go into that brick and mortar, and we do not blame you for that, but the dealerships are noticing that and they’re trying to do everything they can, where you can take care of your sales and service needs away From the dealership do not have to come in at all unless you want to be part of some portion of the sales process or the service process, so digital retailing is a big thing.
So if we look at it, this way as repercussions from the coronavirus reverberate throughout every industry, dealerships have responded quickly by upping their usage of modern retailing tactics, including digital retailing.

Now, what is the end result that we’ve monitored here at shop? Smart autos over the past couple of months, customers have gotten more of what they’ve been asking for over the recent years and things like online transactions increased transparency, the ability to buy on their time from wherever they want and improved.

Overall experience due to this success, the majority of dealerships 79 and if we look at the oem or the manufactured world, um 79 65, though, are independent but still they’re engaging their customers with digital retailing plans and will keep doing so once this covid is behind us.

Why they found out from you the consumer that this is the way you would like to shop.

However, there’s an even bigger opportunity that comes with automotive retail, doing it digitally online sales, not the whole picture being able to buy outside of normal dealership hours is just one growing trend that consumers are loving.
Recent numbers show that 17 of online car sales happen when the dealerships are closed, giving buyers the ability to completely purchase online 24 7 whenever it comes to them that they want to purchase so by adding digital retailing functionality to a customer experience platform.

That tells you who to contact when why? How to do this completes the picture now you’re communicating with consumers who are most likely to buy, in addition, giving them new ways to complete the sale with you and never having to leave home.

In other words, we’re realizing making it really easy for you, the consumer, who are ready to buy right now is the way we need to be looking at this.

All in all why the numbers tell us about the sales close and what you prefer than the average car sale more good news.

We are looking at six months or longer when a customer said that they will wait.

It has gone to 13 to 2 in favor of you, the consumer, and this was based on the last study report from the first week of may.

So where are the customers? Where do you want to be? Customers wants to be on your line, you meeting them halfway, connecting them to your resources.
How do i go to work when my vehicle needs service? How can i still shop and get a car when i need to get the financial piece done the best, and perhaps the only way to do any of this today is through data backed digital retailing.

We already know that around 86 of consumers start their car shopping journey online.

So, while they’re there they’re there to do one thing we’re on there to buy and they want to buy from you or get service from you.

That’s why they’re on there now the analytics? The data tells us that so, if it’s already saying that make sure you have a way to keep your customers happy and they tell others attracting new customers.

So digital retailing gives your dealership everything you need to pursue and close more sales remotely, while you’re also predicting which customers are more likely to buy today, pointing them out to you and which area of the process you want to take them through and those other ones.
We will be still in contact because we have more information about them, which does what, for any dealer with the consumer, improves the loyalty lets.
The customer knows that they are an integral part of your success.

With a well-rounded digital retailing in place.
Every dealership can provide stand out customer service to each and every one of your customers coming in, which will increase your csi and also your brand loyalty once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategy and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in parting, you go out And make it a chance .

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