Hi brandon hardison, spokesperson for shopsmart autos, where we try to give you the consumer, all the knowledge you need.

So when it comes to your next automotive purchase or at least you’ll, be well informed.
So today i would like to just give you what’s happening now, as we move into the last quarter of 2020 dealing with this pandemic, and that is how do customers want to purchase a lease a vehicle.
Now i want you to imagine for a moment getting through your holiday shopping without the ability to buy anything online.

Now that’s hard to phantom these days.
You can order and pay for just about anything on your computer tablet or phone and sometimes get it delivered.
The same day buying a vehicle online though you may be thinking not so fast, we all know buying a vehicle, is a complex and it’s a process that takes too long.

I remember back, i remember when i was young, my parents, guardian friends, then you experienced the same thing of that three hours, four hours and you were really drained when it was time to get into the business office and said i just want to get out of Here now, research done by shop, smart autos was conducted to understand consumers to buyers online.
Now we surveyed a thousand customers who were planning on purchasing or releasing a new vehicle within the next three months and presented them some realistic and detailed concepts to assess how much they wanted to conduct deeded to retailing, say it again: digital retailing, digital retailing versus going To the dealership and guess what we found, that 53 said that they were extremely or very likely to conduct the entire car purchase online.
This includes the selecting of a specific vehicle negotiating arriving at a final agreed price, submitting their credit information and getting approved.

Reviewing final paperwork and really transacting only going into the dealership to do the review for the vehicle and drive off saves a lot of time now.
We also learned, too that younger consumers had a signal much more like buying a car online.
If the technology is available, older buyers remember they’re still unsure what the technology they may do, some of it, but they still want to come to the dealership for certain parts.

I, like the demo ride like dealing with finances some people when it comes to negotiations.
They just want to haggle, that’s the older ones, but the younger generation they’re expecting to buy everything online agree to everything online and have the vehicle show up to them.

So why do people want to buy a vehicle online well, most reasons for efficiency and convenience.

If the process can be transferred online in an environment – and you see it working community after community state after state, this is something that the new change, because we have some new buyers in that age of 25 to 45.

They also like the convenience factor, so dealers manufacturers.
You should understand that today the technology is the most important thing.

More car buyers are starting to expect that the dealers have something on their website that we can do that.
In fact, 59 of car buyers said that they expected to buy a vehicle online at the dealership website to 34 percent of the young groups.

Now, when it comes to the manufacturing third party website about 32, all this is still good news to you, the consumer, because we have a new way of you buying a vehicle without really interrupting your day.

What do we mean? Spending that two three four hours or more at a dealership, you can be doing something else, and here’s the clincher car buyers want this capability.
So much 86 said they would choose a dealership with an online buying capability over one without so dealers.
Looking for a way to make a difference in their market to set themselves apart, you need to be considering your website.

Your ability to have that customer do everything from start to finish and if they don’t spend one hour inside your brick and mortar, that’s, okay and they feel good about it and you will still get a good review.

This is coming from the consumers, so just wanted.
You to be on top of that once again: brandon hardison, spokesperson for shop, smart, autos, saying as always in parting, you go out and make .

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