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On the previous video.
We were talking about america’s love for ev vehicles, but is this love being returned because evs are coming they’re, not enough changing it’s charging stations to a fix it right now, so i’ll start off by saying: are consumers ready for evs, not according to them ev technology And infrastructure availability have progressed dramatically in the past 23 years, but many consumers still believe that e v vehicles are tracking, larger and larger footprints.
When it comes to the combustible energy, few customers have any experience with the battery electric vehicle.

Did you know that 70 percent of the us respondents to the jd power survey never been an electric vehicle 30 admitted that they had not comments, included confusion, battery replacement coats, how old, electric car batteries in the environment and if the batteries can be recycled? Now, when we move on from that to charging stations, the availability driving range purchases up for the top three batteries, all of things need to be discussed.

When we looked at some insights that struck home about this article, we found out a little bit more, and that is there’s nothing.
Pushing forward of the technology to have settled an interest.

Lack of knowledge is a huge roadblock for future adoption.

So if we look this up and wrap it up, consumer confidence in future mobility technologies seem to lag far behind automaker’s plans for bringing self-driving and battery electric vehicles to the marketplace, but education can help customers to understand the power and the placement of the evavs in Their lives after all, tesla has no problem selling its cars and the volumes that have are impressive, but any non-tesla ev owner loves their evs like tesla.
Also, a supreme court justice, wendell holman jr, argued that a person’s mind sketched by new ideas may never return to the original composition.

Automakers need to reduce educated dealers and rely on experts.
The engineers they’re, the ones that communicate with the customers gets them enthused about it, and then we come up with good answers as we call a focus group, so this is it for today.
I want you to think about these ev vehicles, they’re, going to be some great tremendous things for your babies and your babies, babies, but we’re at the beginning of it and we’re still not on sync once again: brandon hardison president champion strategy and spokesperson for shop.

Smart autos and as always in parting, you go out and you make it .

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