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Today we want to do a start investigation of the love of e-vehicles by you, the consumers automakers are investing billions of dollars on new technologies, but customers don’t seem to understand how these features work or why these automotive techniques would benefit them.
The bottom line is that most customers don’t really have much interest in vehicles with advanced tech and aren’t ready for the electric or autumn autonomous vehicles.

These are the findings of a new survey conducted by one of the leading experts in the world.

Responses suggest that for automakers more at stake than just investing money and new and improved technology, automakers also need to educate consumers about ev vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Lack of consumer knowledge is a huge roadblock for the future of an ev and av adoption customers.
Confidence in future mobility techniques, technologies live far behind market planners to bring safety rising and battery electric vehicles to the marketplace.

According to the survey, self-driving vehicle confidence has decreased for the first time, the 35 from 36 on 100 point scale and then from 36 to 39.
For canadian scale battery battery electric vehicles, confidence remains at 55 in the united states.
Fourth conservative quarter with decline of 2 over last year.

So what issues do coomer’s? Consumers still have about autonomous vehicles.

They do not know if they’re ready and their concern is with the dominus vehicles being on the road with a computer.
If you will, people aren’t certain about the time frame for av public availability experts anticipate self-driving delivery services will be available in the next four years, but those available for consumer purchase won’t be for 18 years from now.

Consumers can’t grasp the av and will look for the change later.

Consumers also needs are changing when it comes to the post.

Covert 19.

covert 19 for the need of social distancing may cause consumers to retreat back and wait until this pavement is over.
Once again.
We’ll pick it up on the next video branded artisan president champion strategy and spokesperson for shop, smart, auto and as always imparting you go out and make it a champion day.

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