Hi brandon artisan for shop, smart, autos and champion strategies, giving you the consumers some of the best information that you need to know when you’re thinking about to when you’re actually going through the process and even after you purchase a retail vehicle.

So let’s get to it! There is something i’ve been noticing in my travels lately and that is customers not knowing their car salesman’s name.
It just boggles the mind that a customer cannot remember the name of their car salesman.
Remember you’ve spent several hours with them spend thousands of dollars with them either the world has completely lost memory.

Are there car salesmen that are not making good impressions in the mind of the consumers? That’s my first thought.
I can’t even imagine spending that much time with the customer the next day or the next week or sometimes later in that month, and they cannot remember the name of the person they were talking to.

I’ve listened to several incoming phone calls at dealerships and customers call in for information about paperwork or maybe in their vehicle that they traded.

They left their garage door opener.

So when the person answering the phone simply says well, what was the name of your car salesperson and they don’t know they start guessing or describing what they look like, but they can’t remember their name so just to make it clear.
This happened.

Many dealerships around the country as we’re speaking today and it’s not just one but seems like there’s a whole lot of sales people not having a good bonded rapport with the customers at the dealership.

So my first thought was to do a little bit more checking on the particular customers and see what their get me done.

Concept was because if everybody was just rushing out, that’s one thing, but if you spend time and you’re serious about your investment that you purchase, there’s something that’s not going right.

So here’s my question to you: do you know the name of your car salesperson? Now the reason why i say that is that customers are not get me done, customers all of them are not like that.

They want to hear about the technologies they want to know about what they’re going to be paying for for the next three four five years and when you can’t remember a salesperson’s name, something is very wrong.

So, the next time you go out looking for a vehicle.

I want you to remember that the salesperson is the person that greets you because they’re representing the dealership and they need to sell value on themselves now if they cannot do that in some form, shape or manner, i’m not saying to go to a different dealership.
Maybe you just need another sales professional in front of you, because the one that’s in front of you right now is not doing the job that they were trained to do once again, brad at artisan for shop, smart, autos and champion strategies, as always in parting, go Out and make it a champion day, .

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