Hi brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart, giving you the best knowledge we can when it comes to your next automotive world release and speaking of lease.

That’s what i would like to talk about is leasing a vehicle cheaper than buying well on a monthly basis.
A vehicle is usually less expensive than buying because you’re just paying for the vehicle’s depreciation.

While you have the vehicle, your monthly payments are typically lower than they would be if you purchased the entire vehicle.

If you looked at examples in this case, let’s look at a honda crv and that honda crv is going at 30 000.
So if you’re going to make a three thousand dollar down payment on this transaction and if you get financing for five years and five percent interest, we do so it comes to about five ten.

So you can only use a car calculator to figure this out yet and still that same honda.
If we chose to lease it and we go through the numbers that it may be vehicle to vehicle, you will see that your payments will go down to 308.
For this example, your monthly payments, when you lease, will be about 200 a month with that, so in a sense, there’s a catch.

You know, i know you’re saying when you finance a vehicle, you don’t have to make any payments on other cars paid off.
When you lease, on the other hand, you have to return your vehicle at the end of the contract and likely won’t get any money back, but they can offer you the vehicle at that time.
It’s three four years old.

You want some newer technology.
You can get out of that get into a newer vehicle.
So if you want a vehicle to drive, you either have to take a loan payment and in the long run, leasing is usually more expensive than buying and you’ll always have a car payment.

So take it.
Second see what you really want and then make that decision before you do your shopping.
So it’s nothing wrong with researching and finding out what the best deal.

It is for your situation once again: brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart hotels and, as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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