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Today, i would like to talk to you about the seasons of the holiday are out the way now.
So, as consumers versus the retailers, how can we keep calm and shopping during this election impact that we have in georgia? It is well known that retail sales have regular cycles that can be disrupted by external events such as a federal election.

While anecdotally, it has been suggested that uncertainty around election causes shoppers to close their wallets persons, and these appear the times that we’re going through now domestically globally will happen, but we’re just looking domestically because of the election.

That’s going to be in georgia tomorrow.
So there’s usually a blame game.
Retailers are notorious of playing a blame game when it comes to their sales and profit reporting.

They too quickly point the finger at mother nature for being too hot, too rainy or release of blockbusters and blockbusters that distinct shoppers even are looking for researchers from princeton university and the university of chicago found that during elections, it didn’t have any impact on how you The consumer actually spend in their study spanning for four presidential election cycles.
Their initial findings identified a correlation between voters ideologically opposing towards a winning candidate, measured by a voter, ideally any score with lower scores on the not so to determine any differently.
Why it’s all based on autology, however, for the correlation did not prove all the way hard but casual.

For example, when president george, w bush was elected in 2000, negative sentiment had no effect on consumers.

Self-Reported spending patterns on automobile purchases.
Now another thing we need to look at is that: can we defer or put this out, the operative word is putting things off or deferring them? So when it comes to campaign season like what we’re going through now and big ticket items may have some effect on it.

Like automobiles, consumer electronics are high-end fashion, but the household basics such as food and general things for the home that may up creep, but as a whole, it stays the same.
And that’s because there’s too many variables in play to suggest that there is an external federal election along with dealer, consumer confidence and they shift between the two when it comes to your dollars.


In fact, some consumers who expect to be the recipients of election sweetness and their person wins because tax cuts, for example, will come into play.
You may see some increasing patterns with that.

The power of suggestion is strong with such commuters and when consumers find out that they anticipate a positive specific outcome in an election sure they’ll open up their wallets.
If there’s going to be something else involved, they may keep it closed.
So what retail categories do you feel might be effective? Well, we do know that between entertainment between athletics, food grocery, all these remain moderately strong.

Ultimately, shoppers will need to put fuel in their vehicles and buy the food that goes on the table.
So we know that that is going to be a must.

However, most exposed may be the big ticket items like furniture, consumer electronics, automobiles fashion and clothing, and the sex series are expected to struggle also, but we need to get this voting behind us.

So, as a country we can move on and find out what changes the market will adjust in kind once again, brad and hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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