All right, brandon, artisan president of champion strategy and spokesperson for shop, smart, auto, giving you the best information that we can for education when it comes to your next lease or automotive purchase.

I know we’ve been talking about the electric car technology and in its infancy.
I just thought it would be helpful, maybe to break down what it’s like to own, an ev when compared to traditional gas vehicles, given that gas engines have more or less stayed the same for the last hundred years.

Yes, i’m aware about the improvements made over the time, but, generally speaking, it works the same.

It’s imperative to get as much information about a new technology as possible in order for you to make a choice that best fits you and your family in the future.
So, electric cars – currently there are 30 purely electric vehicle models to choose from with many manufacturers, offering hybrid gasoline electric options as well.
In fact, most automotive manufacturers have started that put more emphasis on electric vehicles and entirely shipped to the ev space, and that is coming.

Whether we like it or not, just this past summer, bravo recently announced that they’re going to phase out manufacturing combustion engines altogether, which they have done.
Bmw, jaguar law and rover, lincoln and volkswagen have followed suit, with announcements of expanding their ed fleet or outright replacing the entire lineup with ev.
This all comes on the heel of the recent announcement that china, the world’s largest car market, is seriously considered batting.

All gas powered vehicles so, while the section today isn’t huge, it will be over the next five years.
The current ev market only makes up about one percent of all vehicles currently on the road.
So once again it is still in its infancy, still young but aggressively.

It’s a growing market, we’re looking anywhere over the next 10 years to have more than 3 million electric cars on the road compared to gas vehicles with almost 100 years head start.
They have made improvements.
We will give them that as far as types and styles and colors and packages, but with emissions they’ve done a great job also, but it can only go so far with electric vehicles, ev technologies still being new, there’s a lot of things that they still can do In the future, when it comes to research, given that most people drive about 30 miles a day just about every electric car, has the range necessary to make it option for somebody to think of ownership.

Even if you own an electric car and plan a road trip, it is possible with public charging options throughout the country.

It just takes a bit more planning and that’s what we’re going through right now, gas vehicles most vehicles have a range of 250 to 300 miles before needing to refuel, roughly the same as a tesla model, s, meaning that most people will only fill up their tanks.

Once a week, or so that makes ownership very convenient without having to give up too much throughout the everyday commute on road trips, since gas stations are relatively accessible almost anywhere, you go electric vehicles as discussed before.

Most people do not travel great distances in their day-to-day lives, so the recommendation is out that the charging stations at home at work where you shop, will increase now when it comes to that land trip that trip back home for that family reunion.
Yes, we need to start working on what we’re going to do by having charging stations at each stop, especially when it comes to interstates and interstate travel gas vehicles since you’re at the mercy of fluctuating gas prices, especially now that we’ve stopped our pipeline production here.
In the united states, it’s going to be a little touchy about what it’s going to cost to fill up your tank as we get into more of 2021 and into the future electric vehicles over the course of a lifetime.

There are far less to maintain than an internal combustion counterpart, so we’re doing everything we can with research to make it affordable for the average american to be in an ev vehicle gas vehicles.
This is the largest variance between an electric vehicle, traditional vehicle, giving all of the potential issues that could arise with traditional vehicles.

The cost of maintenance could be extremely high and also once again, we’re still putting things into the atmosphere that may hurt our children and our children’s children.

The shift away from gas vehicles toward electric vehicles is happening, whether you like it or not, all over the world.
More and more countries are pledging to pivot entirely towards electric car production and ownership.
It is truly thrilling to watch this unfold in my lifetime because it’s the edge of the next generation and what they will be doing with this new technology.

But electric cars are here to stay and are only going to become more efficient and more cost effective versus the combustible counterpart.
Once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart, altos and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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