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Today we want to talk about and we’ll continue to talk about throughout the year ev vehicles.

The easiest option to plug in ev is to recharge at home.
If you have the ability to park near an electrical outlet or can place a new outlet near the parking spot, all home charging options, with the exception of tesla vehicles, use a standard ev plug to connect to the car.

The other end of the charging cord can be either hardwired or plugged into an existing outlet now home charging stations, if you will use either a 120 volt outlet or a 240 volt circuit like an electric, closed dryer uses.
Since most rb vehicles include 120 volt charging cord and 120 volt outlet are common.

This is likely the cheapest or easiest option.

That’s out there for you, the consumer, now using a 240 volt outlet or circuit requires the purchase of a home charging unit and possibly the need for modifications to the home’s electrical system.
However, using a charger buried by a 244 circuit has the advantage of charging much faster from two to eight fold faster depending on the amperage in the vehicle.

All current evs can use the endered standard aev shown or if you don’t have the standard ev.

The charging cable includes with a new ev as usual level, one charging cable that plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet center now level.
Two charges have the same ev plug, but either plug into a 240 volt outlet or a hard wired to a high capacity circuit.

So with that said, what are the types of charging that can be done now level, one home charging level? One charging cords are standard equipment on all eb vehicles level.

One charging only requires a grounded, three-prong 120 volt outlet and can add about 40 miles of range.
In an 8 hour overnight range now, if we want to step up to a level one charging, we look at it as a substitute for low and medium range, plug-in hybrids and for all electric batteries which drives with low daily driving usage.

Now, if you’re a person where you need a home and plug station because you’re in a public area, we call that a level two.

These typical require a charging unit of about 240 volts circuit.

Like the circuit used to power a common electric cross dryer, the charging rate will depend on the vehicle’s anticipation and their acceptance rate and the maximum current availability with a typical 30 amp circuit about 180 miles.
Can be done over an eight hour charge now, a level two charger, the most common and public chargers, and you can find them at places like offices, grocery stores, parking garages.

This level two charger has a standard, ev connection plug that fits all current vehicles except tesla’s, which requires an adapter, then there’s a dc fast charging public charging dc fast charging is the fastest currently available reaching out at everyone around the globe who puts in some type Of method, it can typically add 50 to 90 miles in a 30 minute charge, depending on the station’s power capability and the make of the ev unit.
Now tesla’s superchargers are even faster, adding up to 170 miles of range and a half hour.
Dc’s fast chargers are most useful for long trips and on days where you know that you’re going to have limited access to a charging station now dc fast charges use three different plugins and are not interchangeable.

Japanese automakers typically use something called chademo standard.

Most european and u.
s makers use the ccs system.

Tesla’s supercharging station uses proprietary connector, that’s just made for a tesla owner now we’re going to pick it up from the next vehicle and we’ll dig deeper into this ev, because the issue like we told you the vehicles are coming.

We now need more infrastructure with charging stations almost everywhere.

You like to spend your time whether it’s at work going to the store, but we need charging stations battery once again branded hardest.

Hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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