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On the last video we were talking about the biden administration, promises for the new ev era and what it means to you, the consumer and america as a whole.
Continuing on by overhauling emissions and fuel economy standards, the trump administration finalized, new federal admissions and few economies.
In 2020, but the biden administration will, more than likely seek to beef that up once again, automakers have already started calling on the new administration to use a voluntary california agreement as a framework for a national standard.

The voluntary california agreement worked out to a fuel efficiency increase of 3.
7 percent each year, starting in 2022.

Now that’s lower than the obama administration’s goal, but far more aggressive than the trump administration’s on joe biden’s website.

He called for an overhaul to the clear air act signed into log decades ago, even included mention of all vehicles sold in the united states to feature some form of electrification, a reminder that electrification does not boil down to only battery electric vehicles.
Instead, it includes everything from mid hybrids, with a 48 volt motor generator all the way to a full-blown ev vehicle.

Each piece also interchanges with new administration guideline goals set for the upcoming climate change crisis.

There’s also going to be what we’re looking at a futuristic infrastructure and expanded transportation in the here and now president biden aims to make major investments in the u.
s infrastructure, which may amount to a proposed 2 trillion dollar investment in his first term, specifically, 50 billion will Be earmarked for the biden administration’s first year to direct support for road and highway repairs in all 50 states.
However, the president also said that he will instruct the department of transportation and the department of energy to work together to investigate and move forward with the idea of complete streets.

The campaign defined these streets as designed to help drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and other safety share.
The same road, they may also prepare the us for the future of self-driving vehicles, in addition to complete streets infrastructure investments may also move to include testing of new types of eb charging technologies, such as the roads that charge ebs while they’re on the move.
Now that’s far out technology for sure, but expand federal investment to spur innovation was a hallmark to biden’s campaign.

To further provide a boost to smart infrastructure biden will call for a 1 billion dollar competitive grant program for the ongoing smart cities challenge.
Perhaps the largest takeaway, from biden’s words on transportation at large, is a push to finally provide high-speed rail to u.
s citizens.

The 46th president’s relationship with arm track, that’s well known, and after all, from delaware.
Every day down to washington, dc outside of rail there’ll be a general push for different modes of transportation, as the administration realizes that there are other efficient ways for people to move within an area.

One concrete goal calls for americans in cities of more than one hundred thousand people to have access to quality public transportation by twenty thirty once again, branded artisan president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos and as always in parting, you go out and you make It a champion day .

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