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Today i would like to talk about the biden administration promises during the ev era for the world and the automotive industry, which includes you, the consumer.
At 12 pm eastern standard time.
On january 20th, joe biden was officially sworn in as the 46th president of the united states, with the newly minted administration biden.

Now has the power to iron out and execute big changes for the automotive industry, transportation, e-commerce and the overall u.
s infrastructure and here’s just a few things that he’s planning on doing electric vehicle for the masses.
During his campaign, biden called for policy and investment changes to usher in a new era of american automakers, one they’re already starting to embrace.

It starts with shifting personal transportation from car powered solely by gas engines to future, where batteries and electric motors do the heavy lifting.
Now, according to the biden policy laid out during his campaign, his administration aims to restore the full federal tax credit for electric vehicles, purchase though we likely will see other changes to the program along the way.

In addition to giving automakers like general motors and tesla tax credits, once again, the two exhausted theirs at the start of 2020.

, the biden administration will also pursue direct consumer rebates to encourage american car buyers to swap out that fossil fuel powered car for a zero emission Vehicle, however, biden wants the federal government to set an example, as part of the administration’s buy american campaign biden plans to include new government fleet vehicle purchases and a 400 billion procurement investment for american-made goods.
Now this should encourage u.
s businesses to adopt electric fleet vehicles and, along the way, include a proposal to convert all 500 000 u.

s school buses to battery powered by the end of the decade.

Now, with the ev charging infrastructure to complement a policy campaign of ev vehicles, biden in the past called for a national network of a half of a million electric vehicle charges.
Now, according to biden’s campaign’s estimate last year, this ev charging infrastructure would span the nation and allow any american to travel coast to coast in an ev unit by 2030.

Thus far, charging infrastructure funds came in the form of investments from businesses, occasionally supported by automakers themselves.
With federal backing, electric vehicles will have a friend in the biden administration, perhaps most curiously, it just will have the automakers beginning to seriously give their vehicle portfolios, electrified, makeovers r d investments into battery and other technologies, bidens build back, better plans, targets, aggressive federal research and Development investments and the automotive sector won’t be left out on his website.
The president calls for a 300 billion dollar investment into r d, spanning electric vehicle technology to lightweight materials, to 5g and artificial intelligence, to unleash highly quality, job creation and high value manufacturing and technology.

Now, specifically, a 5 billion over 5 years in this proposed investment.

This is meant for battery and energy storage that can boost the range and slash the price of electric vehicles according to biden’s website.
As far as the automotive manufacturing, the president spoke at length last year about ensuring that u.

s, auto industry thrives under his watch and specific parts of a proposed revamped tax code will reward automakers for making cars in america a 10 advanceable tax credit is proposed for companies Making investments that will create jobs for us workers, for example an auto company that retools an existing factory to produce next generation electrical vehicles.

Now this is all on the biden, campaign’s website, additional grants and funding for car makers looking to retool the factories and invest in u.
s manufacturing are also possible, as the president aims, to create one million new jobs across the automotive industry, including manufacturing supply chains and infrastructure.

We’ll talk more about this on the next vehicle once again, brad and artisan president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart, autos and as always in party you go out and you make it a champion day.

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