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Today, i’m a pickup from where i left off yesterday talking about the 1.
5 trillion dollar potential behind flying vehicles at bell’s booth.

I spoke with a company representative who said that ride sharing via a flying car will be available within five to six years.
Believe it or not, investing of ubering in some beat up toyota camry you’ll be picked up in a flying vehicle, so i checked out with hyundai what they were doing as far as r d with their flying vehicle, and we found out that hyundai’s personal air vehicle Will use two throttles on the tail and 10 on the rotors? They will take off vertically and have a cruising speed of about 180 miles per hour with a cruising altitude from one to two thousand feet again.
The multiple electric rotors will give off less noise than a traditional helicopter and requires only five to seven minutes of recharging during peak hours with a range of 60 miles between changing uber is over in the other market.

It has his own concepts and what they’re partnering with being bell labs, hyundai and at least half dozen other aircraft companies that they can meet with its specifications for vertical takeoff and landing electrically powered has minimal noise.

Also, now, aside from really cool flying cars that have a lot of advantages over current transportation options like helicopters, they are better electric motor design.

It can significantly lower costs and is easier to maintain in service, so advancement and autonomous flying without the need for a pilot.

Can bring down operational costs and reduce pilot error? The los angeles-based startup cyrus recently showed how it could modify a commercial helicopter to be autonomous.
More adventures are needed to bring flying cars into reality, but it is going to happen as we move from 2022 2023.

2024 you’re going to hear a lot of about it.

An air traffic controller system needs to be put in place with the existing ones that we have now that can allocate and manage the airspace well, certify air worthiness and pilot requirements of unmanned autonomous aerial systems.
The physical infrastructure related to launching pads are more, they will be necessary.
Just like we talked about the ev, we need more charging stations, but as we get to this flying vehicle, we’re going to need somewhere to land and take off with these vehicles, i told you flying cars were coming with so much at stake.

I think it will be following electric and autonomous vehicles as a wave of the future, making savvy investors who get in early very happy with the next upcoming years in the modern world industry.
Once again, brad and artisan president champion strategy and spokesperson for shop, smart, auto, as always in party you go out, you make it a champion day.

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