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Picking up from the last video, we were talking about everything you need to know about ev batteries and we’re going to pick it up from the previous video.
Now, according to my ev standard, gasoline powered vehicles are equipped with lead acid batteries, while electric vehicles use lithium battery packs that are smaller to the batteries used by the laptops and cell phones.
So the following are few benefits.

If we look at these lithium batteries, one that they provide greater energy density compared to rechargeable nickel hydrogen batteries, they tend to hold their charge longer, even not in use, and they usually make up for many individual cells that are connected rather than one massive unit.
The therm kilowatt hour is often used when discussing electric vehicle batteries when it comes to kilowatt hour.
The more a battery has the better purchasing of a vehicle with a higher kilowatt hour rating to a battery will give you an equivalent to like a big tank.

The larger the tank or the kilowatt hour capacity, the more miles you can drive between interrupting to stop to to charge again, while a batteries kilowatt hour helps to determine the distance, you can travel on one charge.
It’s important to remember that electric vehicle management system prevents the vehicle from doing either one of the following fully charged fully discharged or going to zero on both points.
Now, according to the statistics, this practice helps to preserve the battery’s usable life and efficiency epa, environmental protection agency reviews, electric vehicles based on their energy efficiency and their operating distance from a full charge.

However, if you purchase an ev and it’s not getting the estimated miles for the model, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there was an issue with the battery so going back to the battery.
What would be the life expectancy for a battery? Every battery in an electric vehicle sold in the united states comes with a warranty that lasts for a minimum of eight years or up to a hundred 000 miles.

So when you’re in there keep these things in mind along with one major key point, remember a cars expected battery is that heat and lithium do not pair well together, cars that are located in hotter climates, with typically experiencing a higher faster rate of charging.

This is why most electric vehicles are equipped with a liquid cooling battery pack.
Another thing is that they can diminish battery’s lifestyle using level 3.

That’s the fastest level in a charging station that you can do.

These stations can charge the battery up to 80 percent in 30 minutes, but they can also overheat the battery.
So, once again, when it comes to these ev vehicles, let’s be very cognizant of what you’re trying to get over the long haul, with using ev or ev batteries.
In this case, once again, brian hardison spokesperson for cha sharpshot, auto and as always in parting, you may .

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