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So you can make a wise decision on your next automotive or lease purchase.
We’re going to pick up from the earlier videos under the heading of luxury.
After coven 19.

has it changed for the good.

The luxury industry will continue to feel the impact of covet 19 in 2021 and who knows yet even beyond so we at shopsmart alto, see six customer trends emerging or solidifying a response to the crisis, one in china luxury shoppers are likely to restart first and if The virus remains under control, then they would be the first major country to accept luxury in a big oil also how about accelerating the shift to digital shopping? Once again, we found out in 2020.
That was the only way we could get something done because many of you had to stay home.

You were locked down and the digital industry went up when it came to luxury prices being sold, also heightened environmental and social consciousness.
Consumers concern about the sustainability and social issues is set to continue, consolidating the importance of environmental and social governance, also the rise of post-aspiration mindsets, in other words, the ethics, will become an important way of how customers are going to buy luxury items in the future.
There’s also local pride america versus europe versus asia.

The public opinion out there during the outbreak has sometimes stigmacized certain nations triggering a response display that we don’t want to buy from your country right now.
Talking about us americans, how about expanding the need for inclusion brands? Will need to use all of their ingenuity and revamp their offer to good price points to get the customers back back.

To be blunt with you, the crisis, short-term impact and respond to the trends above that we just talked about.

We recommend a three-prong approach here: shop, shopsmart, auto.
We need to find a way to govern through a new leadership framework act to minimize short-term financial and operational reliances.

What is that going to do transform the value proposition and business model in the future? So if we just take govern that element first, the pandemic is, above all, public health threats, we’re doing our best to find a way, but each time we come up with a vaccine, a new strand comes out.

The way it’s going to move forward is that we got to find a way where people feel healthy and safe, going to stores going to work going to the social orders.
If the vaccine works – maybe just maybe this summer, we’ll see something different, but most money is banked on 2021 will be the same or worse than it was in 2020.
, so think about contingency planning, for you, your family, your lifestyle, what is going to be the priorities And then, how do we trigger to still get those luxury vehicles and in our case, automobiles, to your home? So i will continue with this tomorrow, but as always in parting, this is brandon hardison spokesperson for shop, smart, auto, reminding you you go out and make it a champion day.

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