Hi brandon harrison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information we can when it comes to your next automotive, lease or purchase question for the day is now the right time to purchase a vehicle times have been tough for millions of Americans, since the corona virus pandemic, shut down much of the economy, but to those with financial, where the it’s a smart time to buy a vehicle, although auto sales, which has been falling ever since last year, this time during the shutdowns have been picked back up.

Automakers are aware that consumer confidence is low, low interest and zero percent financing deals are still plentiful, along with cash back offers and attractive lease terms to further entice consumers, worried about security aimed at a shaky economy and rising unemployment.

Many car manufacturers are pushing deferred payment plans that can delay the first payment of the new car as many as two or three months in conversation with dealers and analysts and other industry leaders.
We found that sales, which should be stronger in the last few months of the pandemic than what it was during the summer.

Automakers are likely committed to incentivize their pay to the customers that come into their dealerships.

But how about? If you were on a used car independent lot, demand for used cars had been high over the last two months as concerns over the economy has pushed customers to try to get more car for their money.

If any dealer’s website is worth anything out, there you’re bound to see zero percent financing for several years offered for any model, as well as the lease deals following low monthly payments.

There are a lot of special offers right now.
I don’t care which manufacturer has it out there? There are also deals that are on local levels, as individual dealers do what they can to move their inventory.
Other automotive manufacturers have scaled back from incentives because they look at it by just extending the monthly term.

84 months is pretty much standard in this during the pandemic, so you look at it as a consumer.
Where do we go? We have all these tools to assist us online, whether it be a true car and it tells about the lower payments and that’s attracting a whole lot of you.
The consumers, when we look beyond a typical 36 48 60 months, you’re in deep with not too much left remaining unless you put down more cash, the next time you come back from that extended 72 84 month payment.

The president of another think tank says that consumers who take out zero interest loans on new cars can come out ahead.
If they invest the money, they would have spent on interest payments into something that could gain interest and into something like a mortgage that would lower financial liability in general.

We are here to let you know that taking out long-term loans through the right situation, they can represent big savings over time.

Now, that’s up to you, the consumer and your knowledge.
We’re telling you things are happening out there.

You have to react or do more research.

So another one of our brothers out there recommends that shoppers reach cars at various option package online before conducting a dealership walk.
Shoppers should feel empowered to take the initiative in this process identifying the exact vehicle they want to own for that time frame, including a negotiated price or at least deal over the phone through email.
This is already in place by many of the dealers that are out there physically going to the dealership might not only involve a test drive, but the signing of the final paperwork in ads.

You don’t have a specific deal worked out ahead of time.

You still have to have a model preference in mind, so we can take this trip.
It’s also said that more than 16 000 locations you will find customers doing everything they can to compare local prices, transaction fees, anything that goes to the bottom line of that contract and for your due diligence.

If you see something online note it down, if there’s something there, that you don’t have call a dealership, you don’t have to go in text, a dealership, email, a dealership and get those missing pieces that you need or if they have a digital solution on their website.
Where we can do all of this and it’s shipped to home or the things that you wanted to do before you came in like analyze, the vehicle see what the monthly payments are.

Then, when you come into the dealership, you save time overall, hopefully creating a better experience once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart, autos and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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