Hi brandon ryson president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information when it comes to your next automotive release purchase today, i’d like to give you a few things to think about some tips.

If you will for excellent customer experience, something that you look for when you go into your dealership, you see competition is high in the auto industry.
Consumers have numerous options, the choices that they can quickly find in new business if one does doesn’t entirely suit their needs and wants now.
I would like to show you a few areas where this can be happened.

So first thing create an experience that is on a journey for the buyer.

In other words, if we look at the road to the sale – and we talk about the customer experience – making sure that the experience is great, we need to be aware that the customer realizes that they have an opportunity.
They wanted to purchase a problem or change what they wanted to solve, to consideration that the customer has clearly defined the problems opportunities, how they look at newer specifics.

The customer knows their needs, but we need to draw it out of them and decision.
The customer knows what solution is best for them and they are determining where, when how we’re just guiding so to create an excellent customer experience, you have to consider these different phases and then address them in kind, create a customer experience that the awareness phase is always There and while you’re doing that, look at your customer experience when it comes to creating some type of buzz for them create customer experience divides customers in a way that we know who has different off work and also hobbies, and we can fill those spots out.
Also, there’s loyalty programs to keep people in service.

So i guess what i’m saying is: stop selling and start helping a study of the corrected consumers from focus groups, which was a study done by an organization called sales forces found out that the automotive industry trended to be skeptical going by the people.
In the case, studies creating excellent customer experience in the automotive industry realize and really sets on the ability for you and your team to build trust with your customers.
You need to show them that you are a priority and we’re there to help, and we have processes in place to make it seamless to get you in and out or a digital solution.

If you do not want to come in at all once again, brad and harness and president champion strategies and as always, we’re happy to be the spokesperson for shop, smart autos, so you get on out there and make it a champion.

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