Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information that we can when it comes to your next lease or automotive purchase.

An old saying goes back that if you thrill them, they will come the strong correlation between customer, delight and retainment comes as no surprise to most automotive dealership managers.

The happier a customer leaves the dealership the more likely that car buying will return again and again further any of their automotive needs.

Today’s consumers have selective memories, often opting to remember only the most and least satisfying shopping experiences.

Consequently, it’s no longer enough to simply fulfill a customer’s core needs.
Even if you’re offering an economy car, you must wow prospective customers like you’re flaunting a top-of-the-line luxury sedan.

Unfortunately, though, some consumers have developed a negative perception of vehicle purchasing, fair or not too many associates have a deep, deep regard for dealerships in a negative way when they assume revisit read here.

Pushy sales people, complicated sales techniques wholly unsatisfied overall experiences.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 75 percent of drivers would consider conducting the entire car buying process online, avoiding the dealership altogether, while the conversation from dread to delight doesn’t occur overnight.
There are a number of customer loyal strategies that you can utilize with your team members to help ease the pain of the potential buyer that comes how about reverse the reputation with strong service.

Your dealership doesn’t deserve to be lumped into that whole dreaded customer experience stigma and thankfully it doesn’t have to share the blame either.

There are customer service cures for almost everything that ails you.
If you want to delight your customer base, start by offering consistently good service get the basics right every time by providing service, that’s helpful, yet not overbearing, responsive, but not yet assertive and knowledgeable yet, not all knowing in a word when it comes to service.

How about creating an enhanced customer experience once your customer service is consistently good, it’s time to boost your customer experience to the next level.

This starts with the moment.
The potential customer enters your showroom door, appoint a customer care advocate to greet and interact with visitors until a sales team member becomes available with the incorporation of a few amenities.

Modern day car buying can be as enjoyable to the entire family, with complementary refreshments ease to use wi-fi access designated play area for the children showroom tours test driving that really engages the entire family.

Make your customers lives easier when you make it easy for a customer to do business with you, you have a return: buyer in the making reduce the time the energy, the average customer expends on your dealership by streamlining your loan approval, negotiation and dealer financing processes make It quicker and easier for customers to take delivery of their new vehicle and operate as a convenient one-stop shop by furnishing car buyers with quality service and maintenance offerings place.
Tremendous value on your customers, time demands and grateful vehicle purchasers will take notice.

We’ll continue.
The second part of this on the next video once again, brandon hardison president champion strategy and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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