Hi brandon harnessman president champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart we’re going to pick it up from where we left off from the previous video talking about what you need to do to retain to win back your customer base, how about offering a complimentary maintenance program? Everyone loves a freebie, particularly when it includes complimentary oil changes, tire rotation and vehicle inspections for 12 months following a vehicle purchase.

The objective of complementary maintenance is the achievement of a long time.

Customer retention, through the conservation of vehicle purchasing customers to vehicle maintenance customers at performance administrations, everyone who has studied this has come up with the same thing.

It’s all about keeping your dealership top of the mind until their next purchase arises, and you can easily do this.

How about reward customer loyalty, not surprisingly customers, delight and loyalty, is something that is a variable link to this rewards according to jd powers and associates, loyalty increases dramatically among vehicle owners who are delighted with their service experience.

A 96 percent indicate that they definitely will return to that dealer service department, while their vehicle is under warranty, 89 indicated that they definitely will return post warranty.

Consequently, it behooves dealers to reward loyal customers and keep delighted loyal customers.

Intact loyalty remains regarding no other one source.
So when you do things like complementary maintenance perks like a free vehicle, exterior washer or oil change, it represents effectively to the customer.
How about adding a personal touch? Your touch? What do you do in your community? What do you do as your dealership or group to ensure value customers realize that you consider them more than simply a revenue number? The personal touch can be accomplished by numerous strategies, including tracking service histories, with dealer maintenance, software in order to provide customized service reminders or thanking vehicle purchases personally via social media postings.

Sending customers birthday cards to vehicle purchases also represents a nice touch.
In other words, do something that’s unexpected customers delight is also encouraged and reach a higher retention rate when we do things to unlock their future revenue potential for you, the dealer, but what’s the best way to do this? Is it by going the extra mile to surprise them with an unexpected perk, find a way to reward your valuable customers, with the benefit that they had not anticipated, something that brings smiles to their faces, offer them a complimentary delivery service, beginners buyers, new vehicles to their Homes or loans, if we can find a way to link them to us as time goes on throughout the year day in weekend month in and out, you will have a delighted customer base, one that you can be very proud of and gaining strength all the time Once again, brandon harderson president champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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