Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategy and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information we can when it comes to your next automotive lease or purchase we’re picking up from the last video when we’re talking about what dealers can do to have a customer good Experience at your dealership during this corona virus period, so we’re just going to pick it up from there.

How about cleaning and disinfecting measures do you have something in place? The coronas crisis has ramped up sterilization efforts worldwide.
The cdc, along with the health of our country and also the help of our neighbors to the north and as south being canada and mexico, have established guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting homes and the workplace.
If we can follow these guidelines, it will help prevent the spread of the disease while maintaining availability for your stores, essential services, we need to start decluttering, disposable, water bottles, coffee mugs, tissues, keep desk free from clutter and encourage your people.

To always monitor.
Ensure paperwork is filed or destroyed by shredding and not left out in the open.
Uncluttered surfaces make cleaning more thorough and less time consuming cleaning and disinfecting touch areas.

Our health department recommends cleaning phones, electronics, door, handles table services and remotes daily, whether we’re at home or in the office.
How about the bathroom seeks the sinks hand, washing stations not to mention commonwealth touch door handles all of these need to be sanitized now, whether you’re at home or at work.

Once again, there are certain things: knobs people walking through touching surfaces in your office or at the dealership.

All these need to be de-infected at a certain time, and when you do this, customers will have a better experience when they come to look at your vehicle.
Now, how about guidelines for vehicles and vehicle delivery? Do we disinfect with the customer watching before they take delivery or before they go on a demo ride? Are we sanitizing and the customers watching door handles interior, exterior, steering, wheel, rear view, mirror center consoles anything that customers are going to touch they’re? Seeing you clean these things when we do this, the customers will have a better experience now, also whatever you do.
We know that the ppes do cost money.

There may be some relief in the area where you live, but the key thing customers need to be confident that you’re doing your part, and it certainly means that by you doing the dealership, sanitation and decluttering.
On a specific time, whatever a dealership may have for you, please do it because people are watching.
I would love to see at a certain time all sales people stop whether they’re doing business or not, and they go through their work area process.

The whole sales team is doing it.
This gives a strong, powerful message to the consumer that, yes at this dealership, they care about their consumer’s health and about the employee’s health.
Once again, brad and artisan spokesperson for shop, smart, autos and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion.

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