Hi brandon artisan president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the best information we can when it comes to your next automotive purchase or lease on the last video we were talking and giving some ideas of how to buy a new vehicle.

Let’s pick up from there after we’ve done the previous things of going through our research going to the dealership, checking out what they had in stock versus what you saw online sitting and explaining to a representative exactly what you’re looking for now, they should have confirmed what Your needs wants and desires, are and done a product presentation of the solution that they’re putting in front of you.
That will give you that pleasure that will alleviate some of that pain and struggle that you’ve had with your current vehicle.

So now we’re ready for the trust drive.

The test drive should include a little bit of everything in your world, not just one block up and one block back.

That is not a test drive.
A test drive should have all the situations that you do every day.

Hairpin turns uh bumpy roads, a place where you can punch it like you’re entering in or exiting off traffic, that is merging also if you need to have the vehicle and you find out that they do not have it at their lock.
Now, it’s time to locate my suggestion would be.

You can locate it yourself.

If that particular dealer did a old-fashioned bait and switch and they’re depleted on the needs that you’re looking for find the right price there are pricing guides out there everywhere, i’m not going to give you a suggestion.

You know who they are but make sure that you want everything in there for the price incentives rebates, everything that the manufacturer says that you can get from them now it’s time to get a dealer quote when you’re negotiating – and you have a quote, there’s a few Things that you need to know if you’re negotiating in person – please don’t be a monthly payment.
Buyer also be unpredictable when you negotiate negotiate slowly and repeat the numbers, you hear ask about fees before saying yes to a deal and be ready to walk at any time.

You see we have to now deal with the representative, who’s been working with us and the man behind the mirror or the woman behind the mirror or the manager, as they say they have a price what they want to sell for, but you have a price you Want to purchase for, if you’re, not getting your payment, that you’re looking for the price that you’re looking for the trade number that you’re looking for there’s no problem with you getting up and walking out, and i guarantee you if that dealer wants your business on that Day and they do at this time of year, you’ll be in good shape once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos and as always in party you go out, you make it a .

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