Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information we get when purchasing a new or used vehicle, so continuing from the last video.

When is the best time to purchase a vehicle for this end of the year.

Now a lot of car dealerships and automakers have fantastic programs for first-time buyers fresh out of college.

These incentives often come in the form of great rebates of special financing for new grads with good credit.

Now, why am i bringing this up? People forget that we end the school year.

College year starts college year, stops college years starts again, and when does this normally happen? They shut down in december start up again in january, so here’s an opportunity for you to find some great deals that are out there.
You can google things which can actually happen.

You can ask dealers, don’t be afraid that at this time of the year, they’re going to be trying to negotiate they’re going to be trying to get you in just to get this vehicle off.
The lot bonuses and also allocations for new vehicles are all tied into this.
So when you pick your car pick, the right car negotiate a low price, and maybe in your mind, you want to drive it for a long time.

I would always tell you look at a certified pre-owned if that’s what you’re looking for it’s still a good bargain and you’re, not taking that big hit at the end of the year now don’t stretch your budget on a vehicle set, a realistic goal that you cannot Go over, other expenses will come up, not maybe but will come up, and you want to be prepared for those other expenses.

You don’t have to worry about stretching if you do buy at the end of the year.
The reason being they’ll do anything they can to slash and cut to get the vehicle off the lot to be prepared for the next year.

So things to consider now that i put that in your head make sure that you get up early and check all the dealers.
You can online make sure that the prices online at their store include rebates, or you see those rebates make sure.
If there’s not the taxes, tag and title included make sure that it’s there also, we need to make sure if there’s any addendum items like scotchguard protection or paint protection, that automatically is already on the vehicle that bumps the price up.

You can get a great car deal still in december, but please do not be in a rush to end 2020, just getting a car with manufacturers rebates and the best deal you think possible, but you still wind up paying a little bit more for the vehicle december.

Is the time january and february, though, are the slowest months for car sales, since consumer spending usually drops off after christmas holidays, so holidays are here december 20th is here.

I would start my research now and be prepared to take home a vehicle sometime by december 30th or 31st once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart, autos and as always in parting, you go out and you .

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