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We know how when it comes to your next automotive or lease purchase today, i would like to just bring to your attention.

Change is progress.
Many have said, but i’m asking you is it traditional independent dealers are the backbone of the automotive industry.

They have a central role in pricing marketing sales and they generate the bulk of new car sales revenues for oems by purchasing vehicles from the manufacturer and reselling at the consumer end.
Due to the recent consolidations among dealerships, many dealers have grown now fully professionalized miss site companies with significant bargaining power.
For example, in germany, the five largest dealers are responsible for 13 of the total sales volume, while oems are dependent on dealerships for a specific population of their sales.

The dealership sales model was being disrupted by changing customer preferences and new market players inspired by their expertise.
In other industries, the rise of new technologies – customers want are here and ready.
So you as a consumer, especially young consumers, are increasingly dissatisfied with the ways we are currently selling.

So now players are changing the process of buying a car by focusing on what customers really want, they’re.
Turning to the price of a car into a simple and convenient experience in the broader picture, four mid trend: examples going by some great impacts: the industry as a whole is electrification.
We’ve talked about that before autonomous driving.

We talked about that before connectively and the sharing of resources, while each of these trends to be significant, it is in our true combination that when we play together, we don’t have to worry about the profound disruptors that are out there in this area of change.
Also, automotive dealerships must adopt, or they will be risked leaving behind.
The automotive industry is a tipping point, and traditionally sales models are becoming obsolete, as dealerships lack the resources to master the necessary changes on their own they’re at a crossroads.

Third-Party corporation may provide a way for dealers to overcome their lack of online capabilities, but it will lead to even stronger price competition and also bear the risk of eliminating customer access.

Oem’s direct sales incentives and other hands will shift the dealer’s role from that of an independent entrepreneur into that of a sales agent, but many lower financial risks and reducing in-brand competition is still there.
So what path should dealers select there’s no new, unique additional way that we can help you with that one, but one thing still remains clear: those who focus on the upcoming disruption and transform their model accordingly will provide immensely, no matter how it has been looked at Upon the past, changing with the current times prepares you to be ready for the future market that lies ahead once again: brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos as always imparting you go out and you make it a champion day.

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