SHOPSMART AUTOS – CUSTOMER INFORMATION BLOG – July 23, 2020 Do you remember your first flight The f

Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies also here for shop, smart, auto with a consumer tip for you today.

I want to ask you a question: do you remember your first flight? The first time you fell in love with a new city or something outstanding.
If you just go back now, we remember the first time that we had an opportunity to get into a cold lake on a hot summer day with some of my siblings or the first time.
Maybe we ate street food walking from college is a new experience, but these memories there was an article saying that consumers um long to go back to yesteryear only want to do it safer.

So here’s the question: is it a clear moment of crisis for the travel industry and here’s what i mean available seat miles when it comes to airlines we’re down 71 as of this august? But at that same time, if we look at people driving uh, it increased a whopping 59.
So we may not be flying or taking the train or public transportation, but we will open in our vehicle.
So when we think of travel when it comes to this covet situation, we’re doing some different things.

Safety is always the concern, because in service departments just like, if you would ask your parents and guardians and grandparents before they take a long trip, they get.
The vehicle checked out so service departments have risen when it comes to maintenance of vehicles, making sure that they are road worthy, no matter what and how you like to travel if it is by automobile, we at shopsmart autos, just ask you: take it by your dealership.
Make sure that it is customer centric friendly and they do the best job that they can educating you about your current vehicle, but the better it stays in shape.

You can take those travel plans, don’t worry about the airlines, how about getting in your vehicle and see this great fantastic country.

As you go see your friends and family once again, bright and artisan president champion strategy speaking for shop, smart autos and as always in party .

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