SHOPSMART AUTOS – CUSTOMER INFORMATION – AUGUST 9, 2020 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own

Hi brandon arneson for champion strategies and also shop smart autos, giving you the consumer some ideas and suggestions of what’s going on in today’s marketplace when it comes to your automotive needs.

So today i want to bring you back to your automotive shopping moments.

Uh every brand has to own it eventually uh.
You know some of my fondest memories as a child were spent with my dad shopping for a new car going from dealership to dealership, climbing in and out of vehicles like it was a vehicle jungle gym perfectly arranged on the showroom floors.

So when i went to work in the industry later, i learned that these just weren’t my wonder years.
This was the golden age of the automotive industry.

Also, this represented a time when people were loyal to brands and their answers were at the source.

Local dealership things have changed drastically far from the day-long adventures of my youth.

The average car purchased today may take maybe two visits to the dealership sparked by digital and ignited by mobile.

Those indelible moments with my dad have been replaced by countless micro moments of time when car shoppers turn to digital to help select the perfect vehicle for their needs.

So with that stated which car is best moment now, six out of ten car shoppers enter the market.
Unsure which car to buy to help narrow their choices? Many start by consulting someone.
They trust this can come from researching out with one’s friend, family member or by going on to sources like blogs forums reaching out to edmonds, kbb, car and driver.

So, by doing all of that, how do you want to buy your vehicle moment? No matter what the source data shows that these early research moments are influenced by video? That’s right! In fact, people who used youtube for buying a car 69 of the time influenced more by youtube than any other source.
Even of the past, when we looked at tv newspaper magazine, we’ve seen a huge increase in searches for car reviews on youtube, not saying the other ones, but it’s just that youtube is getting more of the time of customers like you when it comes to reviewing automobiles.

So that leads us now to where should i buy it moment? Years ago there was a variety of places to go to, and even today, as the majority of the car shopping process moves online, the visit to the nearby car dealership remains a crucial step in the journey, in fact search interest for car dealerships.

Near me, just by putting in those key words has doubled in the past two years and of those they use their mobile devices as part of the purchase process, one in three locating a dealer by their device beyond where shoppers also look at when and what searches For example, dealers who are open on sundays very popular making up about 84 of searches at that time, search interest for industry to find the right car that is in stock right now is growing more faster than overall auto searches, interest as a whole.
At a time, websites and apps could fill those spots, but right now having the right vehicle is the number one thing that people go on their mobile app to look for.

Shoppers look at which dealership is going to deliver the best experience, just as more car shoppers happens on weekends search for dealership reviews, you’ll see that they spike on weekdays, but weekends.

It really takes off, whereas dealerships review searches happen more on desktops during the week.

Not the mobile, am i getting a good deal moment now.
This is something that everybody has been talking about for decades.

Okay, the deal just got real.

The shoppers are on your lot and they know what they want to buy, but they need to know they’re getting a fair deal.
In other words, this stage is all about the game of poker.

Everyone has been playing it for years when it comes to a dealership.
If you’ve been a consumer sitting across a desk, looking at a picture of the salesperson and their family, asking yourself could someone with kids being that adorable? Can they have my best interest in mine? Well, these questions are always still going to be there, whether you’re online, on the lot on the phone.
Today, half of all car shoppers with mobile devices use their smartphones, while they’re at the dealership, the top action people perform with their phones while on their lot.

It’s not that, surprisingly, really it’s comforting to know that you can reach out to sources like kelly, blue book and other competing dealer sources when you’re at a dealership to help you make sure that you’re getting a great deal on your mind once again, brandon hardison, president Of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, hopefully this was something to give you some insight to maybe do some more research on your own about, but, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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