Good morning, brandon, artisan for shop, smart, autos and also president of champion strategies trying to make sure that you, the consumer, are always on the forefront when it comes to your automotive needs.

So let’s dig into it.
We’re on the second part we’re talking about what you need to be looking for when it comes to not only just your retail experience, but also your automotive experience.
So picking up from yesterday is your retail establishments that you’re looking at kid-friendly.

If you want to create an exceptional retail shopping experience, we’re still telling people who have establishments that it needs to be kid friendly.
There’s a lot of things with the covet that kids are asked to stay away from parents do not feel comfortable with that, but still inside outside the signage, the things that you have for the kids small acknowledgements, anything that’s going to make it kid-friendly is a place Where you want to do your shopping, also, how about rewards are we rewarding our consumers? Loyalty is one of the strongest features that any business when it comes to branding can instill into their customer base.
If your customers visit your business exclusively, then you can rely on their business for years.

In fact, customers with an emotional connection to a brand have their loyalty average about five years and 77 of the consumers stay with them more than 10 years, so consider developing a brand loyalty program.
There’s many of them out there that you can get your ideas.

One of the ones would be a book that i saw out there recommended reading.

It’s called five brands, crushing the consumer rewards game.

If you would like to know some others, please visit us here at shop, smart autos, and we can tell you more.
The next thing shouldn’t have to say, but in today’s environment, for some reason some owners don’t not get it.

Your brick and mortar should be clean and comfortable to have dirt being seen, visibly to have gum underneath chairs and tables, to have your bathrooms filthy, to have the frontage or anywhere that the consumers were parked with debris.

We need to do a better job where customers won’t feel safe coming into your establishment.
Don’t underestimate the power of a clean store, so if you’re a customer the next time you go somewhere spending your money, let’s look and see how clean and safe it is and do you allow customer feedback and apply that feedback if you’re not sure how to improve Your store ask your customers they’re, the ones that are coming in people who do visit establishments come for a reason, and you want them to keep coming.

So why not ask them ways that they can do better for you, the consumer? So you can come in time and time again year and year again telling your friends and your family members all about it once again: brandon hardison for shop, smart, autos and champion strategies, as always in parting, go out and make a chat.

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