Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, as we consistently try to give you the consumer, everything that you need to purchase a vehicle, also we’re trying to keep up with other verticals of retail and what they are doing to respond to.

The current covet event so last time i was in front of you, we were talking about millennials and their car buying needs.

So, let’s finish up on that, we try to instill in you that millennials do a little things, a big different way than their parents or guardians.
For example, mobility to a millennial is a must 65 of all millennials use a smartphone research prior to visiting the dealership.

Millennials leverage mobile in a car buying process for getting pricing finding classified listings, locating a dealer looking up specs regarding reviews, any point with the millennial customers must be considered through the lens of mobile.
Also, don’t forget to highlight high tech, 89 percent of millennials say that they would spend more money on improved software in a vehicle.

The touch screen interface 73 percent said that that we’re looking for that smartphone applications – 72 percent in-dash technology 59 millennials – need to see the latest and the greatest they’re interested in vehicles that are extensions of their everyday lives.
But are they willing to pay for the high-tech features? Yes, on average millennials are wanting to spend an additional twelve hundred dollars more on a car’s technology over other generations.

How about putting in the effort to make it effort less when working with millennials? In other words, here’s what millennials are doing if a website takes longer than three seconds to load percent of visitors, including millennials, will head somewhere else.

Fifty five percent of millennials visited additional dealership as a direct result of reaching and researching a dealership on their mobile device compared to shoppers who are older so make sure that your websites have the strongest presence on that landing page that it can’t be now.
Millennials have a low tolerance for friction filled processes.

This is a generation that can summons a ride, groceries or a movie at the swipe of the finger compared to other generations.

Also millennials are aware and are looking for a better offer, a better experience if they don’t get it they’re twice as likely to walk away to go to your competition, so don’t sell build trust with millennials.
You should be doing this with everyone, but especially for the millennials 247 percent is how much more likely millennials are to be influenced by blogs social networking sites.

Eighty-Five percent of millennials use the internet for vehicle shopping, so if we know that they’re there let’s be prepared for them, how do we do that? Promote proof? 84 of millennials said that user generated content has some influence on what they buy.

So each and every time that we’re with millennials have an opportunity to sell to millennials.
We need to be speaking on their terms and giving them the tools and the insights that they feel very consumer friendly for when purchasing new or used vehicle at your dealership.

Once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, always looking out for you, the consumer.

When it comes to your automotive buying needs, as always in party you go out and make it a champion day.

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