Hi brandon hardison, spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies giving you the consumers information to help you with your automotive retail experiences and information in general.

As we talk about retail and our latest covet situation with all retail.
So, let’s pick it up from where we were yesterday talking about safe shopping.
What does it look like during this pandemic, so continuing on? Let’s talk about managing variables or the variability, in other words, if i am a retail establishment to maximize my efficiency and throughput a store would like a well-run manufacturing line concept.

That’s what they would really like.
You see it attempted all the time.

Um gas stations fast food joints, but imagine customers arriving at a designated time shopping at a designated place in order to maintain social distancing.

Also in real life, customers choose their own arrival times and place interjected variables into a system.
This is one way of managing.

What’s on the aisles in the stores and think of it as highways and intersections where customers and potential customers stay away from having collisions if you’ve been into some stores recently, you will see how arrows directing which aisle you can go down or some barriers to make Sure you divert and go around so other people are passing through.

So we see this two-lane royal highway situation going on right now.
If you can imagine, customers walking down aisles of supermarkets you’ll see that similarly, these principles are being applied and tried, and it’s going to continue as long as this pandemic is in the more we can get people in and out of a retail store if they still Wish to come in the better.
We are at reducing our employees and also the consumers to any pandemic situation, and this will increase efficiency and consumer confidence will also go up now.

Customers eventually are going to have to look at some other situations, especially where their children, their loved ones, and even the things that they love to do in the future are involved so think about um specialty stores, shoe stores, farmers, markets, swimming pools, museums.
All of these are thinking right now, looking at the algorithms that’s going on, since we started back february march with our own pandemic, of how i can move my customers, my current clients through and if i can do it without touching, if i can give them that Experience that they’re looking for will be well ahead of it now you’ll hear more about this, as we continue to get closer to the last quarter of the year, but currently that’s what’s going on now another thing to try to make sure that safe behavior is among Both customers and employees is this nudging you’ll be hearing about.

Basically, what we’re just talking about is disguising temporary beams or barriers and hiding them with some type of promotional ad.

But this way it moves customers and employees away from each other, creating some additional distance.
These nudges can also help retailers protect the health and safety of their employees.
We need our employees to be safe, confident, so you, the consumer, will see that it’s a good place to be now more than ever, especially when we’re talking about low paid employees who are usually hidden in the store, have become essential.

Workers stores must provide protective equipment to employees, give them time to disinfect from their workspace, and all of this in a retail situation can put some additional anxieties on the employees.
But retailers are doing everything that they can, whether their major, whether they’re just a corner independent store to find ways of keeping you the consumer happy safe and coming back all the time.

But we must make sure that our employees are giving you that experience that you’re.

Looking for especially with this impact of this coding 19 season, now we will get to more dealing with the retail of automotive, but we wanted to give you the bigger picture of what’s happening around the globe and in the united states on how we’re doing right.
We have some significant evidence that we started taking in february march april may june, so now we can see how we can move towards the end of the year.

If that made some sense and gave you some idea.
We do appreciate it once again: brandon artisan spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies, saying, as always in the party go out and make it a champ.

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