SHOPSMART AUTOS – CUSTOMER INFORMATION – AUGUST 11, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has upended auto

Hi brandon hardison, the spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies helping you the consumer when it comes to your automotive needs, especially during this time of the cobit 19.

So, let’s get right to it.
The coronavirus pandemic has up ended, automotive sales and buying a car will never be the same.

Let’s just be honest, pick up delivery, curbside! It’s a question.

Americans have grown accustomed to answering just like food delivery and groceries during this time.
It also might be something you’re asking when you purchase your next vehicle.

This crisis has upended automotive sales and many don’t think that they will ever be the same again.

Many dealers and automakers are changing business strategies and investing millions on new digital sales tools, as consumers demand more online personalized services.

Now what this means for you, the consumer, is being able to choose how much or how little of the process that you want to work online.
That includes scheduling a test, drive, delivery, a vehicle trade appraisal and getting the finance done.

Most importantly, it should result in less if not time waiting might be at a minimal or flexible when it comes to picking up the vehicle.

This is something that researchers right now are trying to cut down on the process, the hours that it takes for you to go through and purchase a vehicle.

The coronavirus pandemic is also something that has been really getting folks a little reluctant to adopt such a process.

Due just to the fear of destruction, if we disrupt this process too much, what is the new normal going to look like well, uh profits will remain according to some of the statistics of some of the larger automotive groups, no matter how we move the process shifts For the for the guests, the customers we find out still want to come to the dealership for many parts, even though they don’t have to come in at all, they still want to come in, and the average transaction price of new cars and trucks are pretty much.
The same as they were before the pandemic at first we were dipping down, but things are starting to rebound back in some parts of the country.

It may not be where you’re at right now, online sales are booming.
They’ve been comfortable.
Being you the consumer, by actually going to these tools looking at them, many of them have laid out nicely giving you the information that you need to make the right decision.

The use of tools themselves have spiked and when you have those dealerships with an online service and also some support on how to navigate through this, it makes it a lot easier now.
Smaller dealers, who do not have the resources right now or feel that it is not necessary to go online and do that they are struggling.
So maybe if you know your hometown dealer and they’re not using any digital to try to help you, the consumer go through the process.

Maybe a conversation to them might help them a little bit, because we know that online sales aren’t completely supplementing the loss of traditional sales, but without the online sales we would right now be in bigger trouble.

So key thing: if your dealership is using online sales, there’s a reason they’re there to help you.
But if you do not want to use part of it, sure dealerships, open, they’re, safe they’re, sanitized come on in have some fun experience the vehicle and how you would like to purchase it once again.

Brandon hardison for shop, smart, auto and champion strategy sang as always in parting.
You go out and make it a champion.

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