Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, where we give you the consumer, the best information know how so you can make that good, solid decision when purchasing your vehicle.

Why customer satisfaction is what you’re seeking for anytime you go out into a retail store, whether it’s an automobile, whether it’s just a regular retail store dealing with the cope, and how do we get through some of this? So we give you some free information on that.
So today what i wanted to press upon your head, because we have this long three-day weekend coming before us – and i know some of you are happy about that.
But i want to talk about summer being pretty much over.

The students will be back in some form of school, whether it’s in the classroom at the brick and mortar, or doing it virtually, but no two ways about it summer is winding down.
So what does that mean? The airwaves this weekend will be filling up with promotions about labor day deals on new vehicles.
We at shopsmart autos have found great deals on good vehicles during one of the biggest car buying weekends of the year.

Our team has shifted through a mountain of data, for models that have potential savings well below the sticker price.

This happens because we stay in tune with the manufacturer, and we know when they’re going to be squeezed and they’re going to have to make an end run or a discount, which is good for you and all consumers, then, to make sure that the featured cars are Represented smart buying now or advertising we at shop, smart autos concentrate on models with a strong overall score.
Yes, we do our internal ranking on which factors are important to you.

The consumer uh like road test performances, older owner, satisfaction, reliability, safety.
Our analysis shows that you can save from two thousand dollars to almost six thousand dollars off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

All ten of the recommended cars and xuvs that you’ll be seeing featured this weekend now, some of them, like hyundai kia, nissan they’re, going to be heavily represented on the shop smart site in part, because their current offers extend past labor day.

So there are great deals from several other manufacturers that expire already, because the 31st or the end of the month has passed but good news for you, the consumers.
They will still honor them going through the weekend up until monday.

Now that is a good thing to really investigate.

Also, you know it.
I know it.
This has been a very unusual year and it brings with it new complexities and trends on how the car buying should be working.

Yes, we’re struggling with the covet 9, but we are always integrating something to make sure that you, the consumer, can have some normalcy, especially when it comes to our holidays and these holidays like labor day you’re.
Looking for some good deals that are not quite as good as you found last year because we do understand the situation, but most discounted cars right now are mostly from the luxury name plates, and it’s often the case that many do not meet shop.
Smart standards for recommendations, but we’ll put them out there for you anyway.

We feel that the extreme savings, the money that you want to look off will be coming in really for some trade-offs.

The reason being is the end of the year.
Any 2020 car purchase now will see accelerated first year.

Depreciation i’ll say that again any vehicle at this time of the year, that’s 2020 and it’s a car purchase will see accelerated first year depreciation.
Now you can play this back if you didn’t have a chance to write it down and see exactly what i mean by that now that may not matter in your particular plan on how you’re going to hold on to your vehicle the length of time the mileage.
That’s on you, but we’re just letting you know.

What’s out there now, some models, including mercedes-benz and nissan, are being replaced with all new vehicles for 2021, so the body design is going to be different.
The leftover 2020 models may look like old news when fresh designs hit the street.

That’s the way it works, but, based on our survey here at shopsmart, we did an extensive survey with data and the cars that tend to be the most reliable in the final year of their generation.
Production life are the ones that people like each vehicle is highlighted in shopsmart.
They are going to be the 2020 models and they’re going to be ranked in different ways, percentages different ways, but the savings for you from the msrp will always be there.

Specific pricing, details on models and other trim levels are available on shop.

Smart autos, along with information, reliability owner satisfaction, all the other things that you feel need to be there so stop by shop, smarts and see what’s going on there before you head out this weekend and do your traditional labor day now, if this doesn’t stir you early In the morning, for a friday being september, the 4th labor day weekend, i don’t know what will brandon artisan president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos go take a look, get some deals, have some fun this labor day and as always in parting.
Please remember going out and half of the champions .

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