Good morning, brandon hardison president champion strategies, as we move on with more information for you, the consumer, in this age of covert 19 when it comes to automotive buying.

So just some things to let you know about some of the leaders that are in the digital space and automotives have sat together and came up with some ideas and one of the biggest points of pain and frustration that they’re feeling towards you, the customers and the Processes of how you want it in stores, consumers have always said that they would prefer going to the dentist to get a root canal and coming to an automotive dealership to purchase the vehicle.
We all know what happens: breaks down from the sales department to the finance department to the detailed department could be a lot of crazy things that go on, but if they say, if you can get that right, then they’ll feel a little bit better.

Also, consumers want, in their cars a buying process simple to the customers as possible, but still very important, make it pleasurable make it fast make it easy make it like it’s a warm afternoon now that goes back to managers by having your people follow your sales steps With the guests, in other words, the guests know what they want, how they want it so they’re going to buy.

All we need to do is listen and match the points of interest that are important to them.
Now, once the customer has the trust and the communication is there, there should be no problem when it comes to the preach.
Uh feature advantage benefit walk around because i’m just taking the questions that you told me applying it to the vehicle and see how it’s going to overcome it.

And then, when you take it out on the ride, it should be malaccos, but we fall in those orders.
So whether it’s year in year, out day in day out, one of the biggest things that still come up in our industry is that we as sales people, do not listen.
So if you’re with your team members – and you have a needs assessment to qualifying gathering high gain income information, i don’t care what you call it, please remind them.

We are not in question mode and just taking notes we’re having a conversation.
So when the guest says something that’s important, we need to stop everything write down what the guest says or stroking in to the system.
Now it’s in the crm, but no matter what, before you finish, whether it’s 5 minutes 10 minutes.

Please recap: when you recap everything in front of guests: they feel a lot better because they know that you were listening, and hopefully you gave them what’s going to happen next, as we move forward with this journey of purchasing an automobile now, if some of this makes Sense to you, please come back for another shop, smart, a little advice! That’s out there for you, so this is branded hardison and, as always in parting, please remember going out and making a channel .

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