Hi brendan harnesson, president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shopsmart autos, giving you the best information we can with your next automotive lease or purchase.

I want to get to it because we need to get on our way and you need to get ready continuing for the holidays.

There are still some times they get.
Some great deals on used cars and put it on your christmas list.

If you wish, according to vehicle pricing and analysts, christmas ease, is one of the best holiday time for buying cars.
The company analyzed more than 48 million used cars from 2016, comparing months of the years and holidays to determine which times of the year offer more deals than consumers would find the average day and with a deal defined as saving at least 5.

Now christmas eve produces 7 times the average or 35.

6 more deals in the average day, trailing only veterans day and black friday comes up at 37.

Here’s the times that you can get those real bargains on used cars now, don’t forget here’s eve and we look at new year’s eve the last day and that is at 32.

Excuse me, 30.

More deals on average, so there’s been a list of full prices since we’ve gone through this kovacs, keep in mind where you buy and where you want to be, the vehicles are going to be there.
We just need you to do your due diligence and research, and at christmas prices for the year tend to be lower compared to the other seasons.

Then, by mid-february months it will start rising back again, now’s a good time to get a vehicle.

There are 38.
2 more deals on average in december to just 19.
9 made in january, so if you’re looking for a good used card deal, now is the time to do it.

That gives buyers much more leverage when it comes to negotiating when it comes to the holidays and regards the christmas new years, or the only one advice i could offer is that you plan to shop on those days get to the dealership early say to the folks That you’re, working with your lender, i’m eager to get a vehicle for my family or for my friends and see what the dealers can do for you.
So once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with another tip use cars already taken to depreciation.
You just need to drive it off of the lot, so that’s it have a great day making a champion day, and we will see you on .

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