Hi brandon artisan president of champions strategies and also spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer all the information that we can find to keep you abreast of.

What’s going on in the industry some of the changes how we deal with the covet, but shopsmart’s the only one out there that’s doing this, for you also be able to look at everything you can from shop smart.
It will only help you out make the best decision for you and your family.
So, let’s get right to it today we’re going to talk about how to purchase a vehicle sure you know the things that you need to be doing, but are we doing? For example, are you spending some good quality time researching the vehicles and the features that you’re? Looking for not sure what vehicle yet uh well, there’s a lot of independent companies edmunds the example.

They offer different apps and can give you reviews and break down all of the features that you’re looking for.
But automotive sites have been doing this for for years to make sure that you understand the features and the options, whether it’s a sedan, a coupe or suv, but make sure you do have research and even come up with your short list.
If you will this way, it will help you when it comes to figuring out your budget for a vehicle, but you have to do your research also get a pre-approved loan.

A pre-approved loan from a other reputable lending institution.

That’ll put you on the right foot not to knock what they do at the dealership for their finance and insurance.
But you get an idea of how much you can afford and you’ll have an interest rate that you then can compare to the dealerships financing which might actually offer lower percentage rates.

We never know but look for loan applications on the mobile with your bank, credit union or other lending institutions like capital, one nationwide, but it’s a good idea to do your own research on which lender will work best for you.

As you plan, your financing just be cognizant about terms no longer than 60 months, while a 20 down payment is ideal, it’s also difficult.
We realized for most people to handle, so what people recommend is a down payment of around 10 with gap insurance or a new car replacement insurance coverage.

Something of that sort that lets you keep more money in your pocket without really the risk of being underwater on your car loan.
So to begin, the loan approval process for your car purchase have at hand your employer, salary information balances of other debt that you may have make sure you will be ready to shop within that window of about a week or two to get that pre-approval.
This strategy will reduce the number of hard inquiries.

That’ll take a hit on your credit history plan, your trade-in.
If you do have a trade, you can skip this step.
If you don’t have a trade-in, but if you do have your own lovely iron, that you love it’s important to get your current car’s trade-in value before before before you go to the dealership now, this information will help set your expectations for what your vehicle is worth And it gives you a reference point for any other offers you’ll receive so the best way to find the vehicle of your trade-in and the value that may come with it.

Just use your smartphone there’s all types of apps once again for third parties like admins that are out there and you can sit down double check, triple check and see what your values are and features also make sure you put those in there.
But let’s be honest about the condition of your car: that’s where a whole lot of people in the industry uh used car managers especially say that customer was just in love with their vehicle, they weren’t being honest realistically when it comes to someone purchasing your vehicle.
So we have to make sure, but can you keep it clean? Can you put it in the fair category um there may be a few vehicles that are considered outstanding, but no matter how you measure this mileage is the key.

You can’t take away the mileage that you put on that vehicle.

So when you’re done appraising you’ll see three figures, the trade-in value of what the dealer may offer you that’s a figure to keep in mind when you’re at the dealership, then there’s a private party value and what you might expect to get if you sold the vehicle.
Your own, the dealer, retail value, is a little different.

It is what you might expect to pay for the car.
If you were to buy a similar used car at the dealership.

There is a faster alternative to trading or selling your vehicle yourself.

Now that’s a whole new thing check in to it, but all depends how much energy you have when it comes to this buying cycle of your next vehicle.
Also, locate and test drive your vehicle by now, you’ve probably settled on a few vehicles that you would like to consider to have in your family.

You should see them in person, i repeat, all applicable, see them in person before you make a decision.

Hundreds upon hundreds of cars are at different dealerships throughout the country and they list all kinds of things as far as trim levels and options and packages.

What comes to them, you need to drive the vehicle.

Most will have locked in prices that should be comparable to what others are paying, but if you always go to the website, you’ll never go wrong.

Whatever is put on the website at a dealership.
That’s the price! That’s the market price! That’s the competitive price in the area that they’re competing with and they’ll honor that usually, if you stay on them so using a dealership’s internet sales department, it’s one way of making sure you lock in that price, not that hard.
Just let them know that you’re on their website, looking at stock number one, two, three four.

I would like to schedule an appointment on that and by the way, here’s the price that i see.

So when you schedule an appointment – and you say you want to see this particular stock number – please have that representative.
The store said, put a note to the manager.

This is the price that i expect, no ands ifs butts add-ons whatever.
It may be, always remember.
Never to feel obligated to buy a car the same day feel free.

Take some time.
Remember: you’re gon na be with this vehicle for the next 24.

Sixty seventy two months.
It’s a long time.

Each time you have to stroke that monthly check you wan na feel good about your decision not sitting in traffic in a major city here like atlanta, and you know you have some technology to keep you busy, maybe you’re working or just wanted to relax.
But you can’t find how to get there bad experience all around versus someone who went to a good reputable dealership had a good professional sales consultant make them feel comfortable with every nuance of the vehicle.
Now, when you’re stuck in traffic, you can still operate the way that you were looking for.

Hopefully, this helps some of you out this day and come back and we’ll repeat and give you some more information, because that’s what we do here at shopmart, we want you, the consumer to always get what you want once again: brandon hardison president of champion strategies and Spokesperson for shop, smart, auto, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

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