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Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and also spokesperson for shop, smart autos.

So, today, consumers, we have another tip for you to think about when you’re going out, making your automotive purchase, and that is think about facebook in your market and how they’re engaging customers to boost more of their value.
What i mean is facebook pages.
They give dealerships a social media, marketing voice and a presence on many different platforms, including mobile, so you can interact with your customers instantly by the click of a button.

Over 1.
4 billion people visit facebook every month and more than 900 million click and check their facebook.
Every day facebook is used to reach people who are consideration for buying some type of business, including already loyal customers.

As long as potential customers who see value they may come over.
So what dealerships have done are already starting to use facebook and they really don’t realize the power that facebook can bring to them for new business.
Now, if you follow certain steps and get engaged and do things, then facebook can really take off for you, the guest as well as the dealership and here’s what i mean how about if there was a fan foundation.

In other words, if a dealership started a campaign – and you saw that campaign – and not only did you get on it, but you took the liberty to call the service manager or the general manager and said i would love to promote and help you get more business Contacts some of my friends, because this is what we do in our local community.
Well, naturally, they’re not going to say no to anything, that’s going to drive them more business, and so once you show them once you bring your friends over and they become a winner at selling that particular product service 10 percent off giveaway whatever it may be.

Guess where that positions you, as a consumer, you’re more like a partner helping them in the compute in the local market, helping out for that particular product or campaign, as they call it now.

Another thing to think about: you have value of a consumer.

What content doesn’t have to be a big one? What idea? Maybe you can suggest to the dealer, because many dealerships don’t have on-staff social media experts and maybe you’re an expert in that area in some form? Imagine what you can do as far as creating a campaign for them short term doesn’t have to be long just so they can measure the success and make their adjustments with that.

You’ve become another partner friend of that store in the community, and here’s where i’m going many stores are just not single stores.
They belong to other stores.
So if you can do something unique and incentivized that helps that one store, don’t you think that that dealer, principal general manager is going to tell the other store? That’s part of their group that you have done some great things for them once again, not saying as an employee, but to get them to realize that this is the future.

This is the power you folks are just not doing it right and that’s just one platform being facebook.

Imagine if you’re an expert in more or one area, whether it’s linkedin, whether it’s tick-tock you let them know all i’m simply saying, is that if you see an opportunity and you’re comfortable, because you have some expertise in that area, reach out to that dealer and show Them how to drive that more now.
Naturally, if you don’t have the time because you’re busy, maybe you can even show them how to bring an apprenticeship, find someone, that’s young who’s, excited and motivated and would like to do something like that.

And now they have somebody who can constantly watch and work on that social media platform as they become comfortable and they’ve seen themselves in a different way of marketing.

Just remember your dealership’s facebook page is an extension of not only the business but the community.
So it’s an easy way to share updates local news promotions, and now we have truly what the dealers should be doing all the time they’re, just not a business in the community.

They should be part of the community.
So if you have some expertise on that, please reach out to one of the dealerships in your community and see what happens.
It’s already being done now, just wanted to share it with you once again, bragging artisan president of championship strategies and also spokesperson for shop.

Smart autos, giving you a little bit of tip of the day and as always, go on out and make the champion day.

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