Hi bryan hardison, spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumers information that you need to make sure that your automotive purchases can go in your favor and just giving you updates on the kobit for all retail, because it is a retail dealership that you’re going into So we just widened out every now and then so we’re going to pick up on where we left off yesterday talking about purchasing vehicles right now, especially used vehicles so picking up for there, we were talking about how to look at used vehicles.

How easy that some people have done it even the independence, so picking it up, don’t give the dealership your car keys or your driver’s license.

No need to do that now.
The reason being is that if we give them our information now we may find ourselves in two problem situations.

Your driver’s license can be used to hold some information in hostage.
If we believe now remember we’re talking about some independents, we’re not talking about oems that much not saying that some of these things do not happen, but make sure that your driver’s license and your trade, your keys, that you do have you stay on to them.
Unless you heard everything you needed to hear that you want to move forward with this automotive purchase now i can give you horror stories, or you probably even heard some horror stories about people taking the keys and throwing them on the roof and holding you hostage as A sales person as their salesperson after manager just beats you up until you just get so weak and you accept the price as far as a driver’s license.

Remember, there’s the graham leach bliley act, work protecting of customer sensitive information.
So if someone wants my driver’s license, i would ask personally: how are you going to take that information? Is it just a copy, or do you have an app where it scans everything straight into your crm system, customer management system uh? What do they do if it’s a hard copy, do they retain the information? Do they shred the information? These are things that you need to know about uh, also depending on where you’re at don’t let the dealership run a credit check.
If you get hit too many times by, as you call it shopping and everybody is running your credit, a full credit check is going to be having a difficult time.

Um there’s something with the credit bureaus where there is at no point uh.

Each time we run the credit check that something may happen to your credit.

What is so wrong about you running your credit nowadays and you already have the information for a dealer until you found that dealer that you would only want to run it.

So do your research with that i would also advise don’t engage in monthly payment negotiations.

Uh monthly payment negotiations is a way where you can get the payment that you’re looking for.

But how far is the term? In other words, if i wanted to be at 500 a month – and maybe i wanted to be no more than 60 – and i find out for the vehicle that they want to sell me – 500 a month – have moved up to 72 or 84 months.

We have to be very careful of how we would negotiate with some automotive retail dealerships did not say that all, but we just want to protect you, the consumer, because you, the consumer, don’t make the distinction between a manufactured dealer that has a sign representing an oem And an independent it’s a dealership, and this is how you were treated the dealership.
So sometimes we need to remind you that some dealerships have processes and some have no accountability, because there’s no relationship with the manufacturer.

It’s just a used car dealership and also just for today, don’t feel you have to buy right now.

If you, the consumers, spending a lot of money many times people say it’s still, the second largest purchase outside your home or automobile.
If you’re not feeling too comfortable, don’t have to buy it, there’s always another dealership, and with today’s technology we can buy that vehicle from any dealership in the united states if they have on their website a way to do distance.

Everything’s done vehicles delivered to you.

So once again, spokesperson for shop, smart autos branded hardest, saying we’ll be back tomorrow with another part to tell you about some things that you should already know, but we just want to reiterate that so with that said, go on out and make it a chance.

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