Hi brandon hardison, spokesperson for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies giving you the consumers some of the best tips insights when it comes to our automotive industry, and especially during this virus.

We try to give you some ideas and tips of what’s going on.
So, let’s get to it during the coven 19 pandemic, it’s been affecting many industries, as you do know, but the automotive and mobility industries are among the hardest hit.

Consumers across the globe continue to face severe health and financial concerns, and mobility remains somewhat restricted.

In many parts of the world now many car dealerships are closed and car buying grounds to a halt.
When that happens, sales have plummeted over 71 percent in china and since february 47 has off from february through april, then we started to climb back up in the united states, so we’re sitting at about 80 percent.
Europe is a little bit behind us with that.

Likewise, when it comes to mobility, behavior has changed drastically and, as many commuters have worked from home and have stayed away from public transportation due to health concerns.
Now we have economies gradually trying to reopen, like automotive manufactures, car dealerships, government offices, schools in some areas.
Right now, we need to know how long the recovery will take and what the next normal will look like now to help us for today we’re looking at a few surveys that were put out by government statistics from some of the countries like the united states.

Like england, germany, france, italy, japan, china looking at their bi-weekly mobility and behaviors around car servicing.

So this survey that we’re going to be looking at has both current consumer information and also anticipated future of economic fields and and where we’re going to be moving.
So when it looks at car buying and servicing, if we just look at that when it comes to that, we still are about 14 below pre-covert 19 levels, which, however, is four percentage points improvement over previous surveys that were done by governments when we First started back in late february, early march, this comes with significant geographical differences.

The us is down 26, whereas europe is down 12 percent, and if we look at germany around 12 and a half percent, and if we look at all of the uk about 25, china has recovered with a background and they claim that they have about 47.

Japan is down about 18.
everywhere we looked higher income, households and premium brands seem less effective.

The average duration of delay is starting to stabilize from the manufacturer, with an increased share of consumers, getting the information and that vehicle in the trim level that they’re looking for out the united states and europe for doing a better job when it comes to that.
But if we look across all the markets, 20 to 40 percent of consumers plan to spend less now, while consumers report only limited shifts between new and used vehicles and between the segments or volume premium brands versus non-premium actual sales suggest that all the segments are going To improve during this covet now the aftermarket appears to be fairly stable, however, and uh delayed maintenance repair seems to be starting to pick up now.
If we look at both buying and servicing, it looks like the next normal will be emerging when it comes to how consumers want to buy and service their vehicles.

That goes back to what i’ve always been saying.
Digital digital becomes the most important thing in this purchase.
Funnel so, if you’re a dealership that has a way where everything can be done away from the dealership or parts of the road to the sale or if you’re serving, can pick up uh their vehicle and leave them with the loaner.

If you have that option on there you’re doing what consumers are hoping, not just here in america but around the world, so let’s look at this last thing: if vehicles are in the forefront, where does that leave consumers when it comes to other modes of transportation, like Airplanes trains instead of private vehicles.

Well, i want you to know that a third of all consumers around the globe since this covet has hit.
They are more comfortable driving their own private vehicle than using public transportation.

Now it remains unclear whether car buying and mobility uses.
Behaviors will return to pre-price patterns, but as of right now, automotive vehicles in any form is the key of what americans and people of the world are looking for, so take advantage of it.
Are there some great deals at your local dealership? Maybe is your manufacturer of choice offering some specials to help you out financing or leasing that vehicle, maybe can be something that’s in service to help you out check them out once again, brad and artisan speaking for shop, smart, autos and champion strategy.

Hopefully, you got something out of this and we’ll be back again next time, so, as always in parting, you go out and make .

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