SHOPSMART AUTOS – AUGUST 1, 2020 – Connecting With Customers In Time Of Crisis Part One

Hi brandon artisan for shop, smart autos, want to tell you that we’ve been living through this pandemic and it’s been one of the things that all consumers, along with all retailers looking after your interests, have been trying to check ever since we’ve started.

So if you remember way back, the thing that we were trying to do in retail vertical was minimize the risk by reducing physical interaction.
Society’s first responsibility during any pandemic on this scale is by eliminating opportunities to spread the virus, especially amongst the most at risk populations.
Companies have been minimizing and trying to put down the virus as much as they can by separating the most at risk group, particularly when it involves human interaction.

For example, grocery retailers have responded by taking extra precautions and you’ve seen it been part of it from expanding hours shortening hours having times just for the elderly’s to come in, along with the health care workers, home delivery, you name it we’ve tried it: e-commerce, online food Delivery companies have sprung up all over the world because of this, but we are still battling with this.

That’s why we at shop, smart autos, have always told you find that dealership, that’s reputable in your mind in your community but online.
If their website offers you the opportunity to take your automotive sale from the beginning to end without you going into the dealership, please do it because i can do my trade online.

I can do my financing online.
I can do everything and even have the vehicle delivered to me now, keep in mind if you still would like to go in because you like to be part of the trade process or you like to go in because you want to be part of the finance Or the delivery process, please do but those dealerships that gives you that option they’re doing it because of what we just said: how can we handle the most at risk, but also the everyday customers that we need to deal with? The second thing doing a pandemic is actively contributing to safety involved in the portfolio of what we offer.
So companies in general have been asking themselves a couple of critical questions.

Do we have a product that the world needs right now, or can we rapidly adapt our product to a portfolio to provide goods that are of need now? Well, as you do know, when the pandemic first hit looking at automotive dealerships, especially the service departments, they were considered essential, very critical to what we do every day, because first responders health care workers have to get their job done.
Their vehicle needs to have an opportunity to get it fixed and on the road, so they can help out the people doing the pandemic.
Well, once again, automotive dealerships in all forms around the country since they’ve been deemed essential have been doing the best.

But let me go back to what i said before on that website: do they offer something for service? Well, they will come to your home to your place of work.
Pick up your vehicle that needs to be fixed.
Leave you a demo and then this way when they’re finished with your service, they will return your vehicle and pick up the demo.

It could be at home, it could be at work.
It could be anywhere that you wish once again dealerships that offer their customers.
That service are thinking about what we were as a whole, collectively thinking about when this pandemic first hit.

So if your dealership is doing that they’re the ones that you need to continue to be giving them your business and then the last thing i want to look at is how can we provide pragmatic help to customers in financial distress? In other words, once a customer has secured their personal safety, their next concern is often financial, as companies are forced to decrease operations for an uncertain time period.

Individuals and millions of small owners face massive income and liquidity issues.

Here’s the thing about the automotive industry.

We have found a way to stay open because we were deemed essential and we have also found a way to take care of our employees, whether they need to work from home or if they need to be at the dealership.

Let’s find a way to limit their hours unless their position is a frontline position dealing with the customers once again, automotive dealerships that are reputable are part of your community, just like any other retail establishment, so the better they are the better branded.
They are the longer history they have in your community, of giving back and helping out continuously year in and year out decade in and decade out.

I guarantee you that they believe not only in customer satisfaction but satisfaction for their employees, and i bet you if you checked to see how their tenure were.

It’s pretty high compared to other automotive dealerships or dealer groups in your area.
I’ve been working with one automotive group, whereas their service their parts, their collision center, all the workers there, the average tenure is 17 years, that’s kind of unheard of and then on the front end the sales, the finance, the accounting, the average tenure there’s 11 years.

That’s the type of company you need to do business with when you want to sell and service your vehicle for the long haul, once again, brandon artisan for shop, smart autos, as always in party you go out and make it a chance.

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