Setting the Appointment

Jim, how are you this morning? Okay, perfect, i did just want to okay, perfect and my early afternoon appointment opened up also so 12 is perfect for me um.

So excellent.
You already done with your dentist appointment, and you know you really don’t have to clean out the car.
If you don’t want to seeing how it’s the lease for is going to get it detailed anyways and don’t worry about that and and don’t spend too much time cleaning the interior and did you happen to get the pin number yet from Christina? Oh perfect, you know I haven’t even had a chance to check my email this morning so perfect.

Well, i will i’ll get into my email.
I’ll get the pin number I’ll get the insurance your explorers and prep right now, and I will see your smiling face at noon and you you’ll be driving you 2016 explore.
Always a pleasure, see you soon.

Tim bye, .

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