Set The Sail Be Flexable and Keep Moiving

Good morning Brad and Hardison go.

I had to be back with you again and glad that you can make it giving up some of your busy time talking about public speaking and for the folks that would love to get into this industry, or maybe you’re, just starting in the industry and, like we Said the virus hit us and so now we’re in some ways of not being in front of the room, but I can have an opportunity to speak on this box, but no matter what the message I want to leave you for today is to be flexible or, If I can look this way, how about setting the sale, if anybody’s had an opportunity in their career of being in public speaking or some type of sales or customer relations, we have to be fluid because circumstances always change that are pretty much out of our control.
Now, we’ve all experienced some ways of being discouraged so think about the wind if you’re on a boat and you’re trying to go a certain way and the wind is not cooperating, there’s a little disappointment, there’s a little despair, maybe even some heartbreak.
If something really happens to your small boat as you’re going out and just like public speaker or a salesperson, we have to find a way in our lives to keep focused on what our journey.

What do we really want out of this? Now I keep telling you practice is the key thing: that’s gon na always do it for you, but there has to be some guides.
There has to be some destinations, our careers of speaking, whether it’s public speaking whether it’s keynote speaking, whether it’s speaking to students, whether it’s speaking to religious organizations, we have to find what we need to do consistently to major or manifest.
So it can come true.

If you specialize in something and makes it a lot easier for the some person is gon na, maybe consider you to speak to their group.
There’s a message – that’s always in there, so going back to setting the sale.
If I know that I was heading out to a certain part of war that may be choppy, I need to be prepared for it or, if I did my research, I’m gon na make sure that I’m gon na be consistent and stay away from those areas that I’m not comfortable with this happens.

A lot to new speakers just like it happens, a lot to anyone new dealing with customer service, whether you’re in sales, where they’re not on, but the top people.
You ever noticed them they’re, consistently facing challenges and when you consistently face challenges but never give up, because you have that longtime dream of a career, you will find out those struggles with all of your efforts.
It’s gon na put you in a favorable situation, same thing with people that are boning eventually they’d like to get better at what they do consistent in what they do, but we have to struggle.

We have to find a way to circumvent ourselves with these changes.

So when setting a sale, we need to think what would be my first response.
What would be my backup response, so I don’t destroy, so I don’t get discouraged and other words you’ve heard of the term plan a plan B Plan C only thing I want you to think of when you think of those backup plans, because I, like the concept That you’re, even why replace a plan a with a plan B, just want you to think about that for a second, you have a plan, a looking at your situation if I’m navigating stay away from trouble or if I’m speaking or in sales and unchallenged here’s.

What my next plan now it looks like we’re going down on the room just for a mental suggestion.
Why not replace a plan a another plan, a that would sound good to me.
So what would that mean? Well, maybe if I’m speaking, maybe I need some assistance.

What I’m seeing from listening to different people, what I’m viewing online is not working for me.

Well, there are organizations out there, like speaker associations in every state, Toastmasters, there’s organizations where you can get some additional help, because you want to replace one plan with another strong plan mentally.
That’s what I’m just trying to get you to think of, and then the last thing for today to keep you sharp to set that sail to make sure that I’m focused every day got ta.

Have your vitamins.
I don’t know how you people feel about vitamins, but especially since this virus we keep hearing about what our intake needs to be because the nutrients that we do need.

So let me just leave you with something my body means for success of being a public speaker front of the room, speaker, successful sales person.

However, you want to look at it.

Vitamin A attitude bring that there’s nothing on any job description that can help you with your attitude of what you want, and would you believe if we look at HR Human Resources? That’s one reason why many people don’t make it in this industry vitamin B, belief, belief in yourself believe that you can do it believe that there’s something out there setting the sail where I would like to reach.
As far as a goal, vitamin C commitment courage, confidence which only comes from practice, but if you’re committed to something because I see the long-term goal, this is what I want for myself and my family, a home money in the bank, paying for the kids there’s got To be a commitment every day, even though some days you may not feel good, I’m gon na strive for that vitamin D discipline.

Now I don’t know how many of you played on an organized team, youth team, school team, college team, military independent – maybe some of you take martial arts.
There’s got to be discipline to follow the system.
We know the system works just like on your boat setting the sail.

You have to have the right equipment in it because you have the discipline to be going through the system.
That’s been working for years same way here when you’re speaking same way.
Here, when you’re trying to reach your goals and anything that you do vitamin-e enthusiasm, yes, enthusiasm, do you know that you’re in front of people and they’re hoping to hear something expiring for the day that can make their day remember? They may be having a bad day, whether you’re in a lot of people or a small group room boy, just a smile, just a tone in your voice, or let’s do some inflection, showing that I’m really behind this.

You can change how a lot of people feel for that particular day and the final one, vitamin F, that’s a fun.
You only go around this world once if you can’t have fun in what you do and you enjoy doing it and you have goals boy.

That’s a beautiful thing to wake up every day and know that I’m going to do the thing that I loved statistically in this country.

There are a lot of people right now at 4:40 in the morning, getting up ganda jobs that they hate, and that must be the worst feeling.
Why not get up feel good even be early, because you’re excited you’re gon na reach your goals and dreams, because you bring the other vitamins with it, and now I’m going to have some fun now, if that makes sense to you any type of way, setting a Sale, this is a beautiful thing, so we’ll be at you again, but I just want you to thank for this, for today have a course of direction sure and make it choppy.
It may change somewhere but keep your focus on the end goal and what is the end goal to be the best public speaker to be the best front of the room speaker to be the best person to master this box, this digital space, since we’re doing it? For a while and we’ll come back to live people again, conventions will be out and you’ll be back in front of them, but let’s start getting our self together.

Once again, Brandon Hardison for champion strategies say going out, make it a champion.

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