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Hi got a sales thought of the day for you, this thought centers around learning, new material learning.

The word track a script, some type of a saying that you want to learn, make sure you’ve got it in your memory banks and it just kind of comes out and you’re unconsciously, confident with it.
So we prescribe when you’ve got a word track, for instance, to learn.
It’s taken a recipe card or a note card, a pen and writing it out exactly like you want to say it write it out and have it down on that note card.

Then we ask you to carry the note card around with you: carry your pocket purse someplace on your person, and we want you to do a what we call spaced repetition.

So maybe every hour throughout the day, we want you to pull it out and just simply read to yourself out loud also on day three.
What we want you to do is incorporate a recording so now, on day, three you’ve really got the tone of voice and fluctuation down of this word track.

So now you record it on your phone, exactly like you’d, want to say it to a ghast or a person or whoever your target audiences so record that we prescribe that you continue the reading of the milk art to yourself ten times a day.

However, now what we want you to do is add and listening to that three times a day at least so the best times to listen to an end to say the notecard to yourself out loud are the first 20 minutes in the morning and the last 20 Minutes before you go to bed at night and the reason we ask you to do, that is because you can take advantage of your brain being at an alpha state when your brain is in an alpha state.
It’s very susceptible to suggestion.

Infect your subconscious mind then.
Will be very susceptible to suggestion, so it’s a great way to just maximize your learning efforts.
So again, now it unday through on day four five, six and seven you’ve added in the listening to the recording at least three times a day once in the morning, once right, whenever you get ready to go to bed, and then we also prescribe listening to it.

On the way to work in the morning that way, you’re having it fresh in the mind as well now, at the end of the seven days, what we say to do is now you take this note card and by now you should have it down pretty.
Well, then, what you can do is write out new one, and now you can incorporate reading this new one and you’ll do the exact same method and then the card that you just had used to learn the word track from the week before you just simply put That in there and read it to yourself once a day to keep that fresh in your mind that way, all these stay top of mind and you’re able to be unconsciously competent, which means that you can save them without really even having to think much about it.
Then it sounds natural and it sounds exactly like you wanted to whenever you’re in front of a ghast or the phone or whoever you’re speaking the or tract hope, the tip helps .

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