Sean Norris Testimonial – Brian Maxwell and Sales Professionals of America

My name is Shawn Norris and I work truly as a Sales Professional, no matter what organization I’m with I’m, always in my entire life gon na be doing sales, whether I’m selling myself for the next level, but whatever the product may be.

I’m the true sales professional and not always did I think of myself that way.

Originally, you know, as a young man always knew that I had a natural ability to be able to do sales, whether it was selling for school, fundraisers or even you know, talking neighbors and to let me mow their grass, but I just didn’t see it as a Viable career path – maybe it’s because the Commission structures – maybe it was because I was going to be completely responsible for my paycheck, but as luck may have it, I’m ended up meeting Brian Maxwell and having Brian as a mentor and someone that truly believed.
In me.

I gained the ability to believe in myself in a way that I actually chose cells as a profession.
I will be doing cells for the rest of my life.
Furthermore, not only has he done that for me, but also my income has skyrocketed.

I’ve went from the average pay of a normal person to you know well into the six figures.
I now have the life that I’ve always wanted to have.
I drove the cars, I always wanted to drive and you know I’ll be doing this.

The rest of my life, if you have the opportunity to have Brian in your life, believe in you, so that he can teach you how to believe in yourself.
You should take advantage of that I’ll see you soon, Brian.
You know the sky’s the limit and thank you for everything.

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