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What I saw at the dealership yesterday and what I saw at the dealership yesterday and I’m going to talk about in this module, is sales people know knows and what this was is.
I saw some sales people and they were a little disgruntled about some things going on at the dealership: the top producers, the mid producers, the entry line producers, everybody wanted to say their two cents about what was going on at the dealership, what they didn’t like and What they thought was holding them back.
The problem I saw with this is the sales people tended to spend their whole day their whole time, focusing on this, rather than focusing on what you can control, which is your income, the amount of reaches touches, marketing contacts you make with your customers to bring in More traffic, the more you utilize social media to bring in traffic the more you utilize, your previous customers, for referrals, to bring in traffic the more you farm mine and combine everything together to market and to bring in your own customers.

Instead, they were focusing on what so it’s those doing or what this managers not doing, or what this managers not doing or what’s going on with the amount of sales.
And so I want you to think about this when you’re at the dealership and the chitchat starts the clicks, the clutters get together and they start talking about what’s wrong with the managers with finance with marketing, with inventory, with incentives with the manufacturer with coworkers.

Before you start diving into that with your time, your energy and sharing your enthusiasm and losing your enthusiasm to that.

But to that group I want you to think about what you can control and what’s going to pay you.
So when you focus on what you can control, you will control your paycheck.
When you focus on what you can’t control, you will let that control your paycheck knoll Walsh, salesman.

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