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Good morning, 5 o clock Eastern Standard Time, Brad and Hardison president champion strategies claw had to be with you for another morning: poor Hardison’s tips.

We do this because we love the profession that we’re end of selling.
I love to give tips to sales consultants, service, advisers, BDC, but really for the general public or the consumer.
So let’s just unpack what we want to talk to about today today.

I just would like to thank you for spending your valuable time on my blogs: how sales training matters Hardison’s tips, if you will was created to offer value-added tips and insights on one of the oldest professions in the world.
I am very proud to be a sales consultant because, more than any other person, I, like millions of others, have built America.
The man who builds a better mousetrap or a better anything would starve to death if he waited for people to beat a pathway to his door.

Well, regardless of how good or how needed the product service might be, it has to be sold.
Elijah was laughed at at the world until they realized it.
He really had something, and eventually they said, is that the real McCoy Edison had to install his electrical lights free of charge in office buildings before anyone would take a look at.

Did you know that the first sewing machine was smashed to pieces by a Boston, mob people scoffed at the ideas of railroads? They thought that even traveling 30 miles per hour would stop the circulation in your blood, our own Henry Ford.
He strived for 14 years.
He kept people to understand the concept of an assembly line.

Westinghouse was considered a fool for stating that he could stop a train with wind.

Morris had to plead before Congress that even his Telegraph would be needed.
In other words, the public didn’t go around demanding things they had to be sold, they needed thousands of sales, consultants, trailblazers, pioneers great listeners, people who could persuade inventions things that people had in their head, but could not articulate help.
That’s where sales consultants came in, they took these inventions or products, they taught consumers how to use them and that’s the concept of listening, that’s the concept of doing a chronic presentation and then a demonstration.

They taught the customers the benefits and then taught them how they can make money from it as a sales consultant.
I’ve done more for making America what it is today than any other person.
I know I was just as vital and your great-grandfather’s day as I’m in your day and I’ll, be just as vital.

In your great great grandsons day, I have educated, more people created, more jobs, taking more drudgery from labors, were given more profits and businessmen and have given more people fuller and richer lives than anyone in history sure there was a way that we could bring down the Prices get the quality to come up, made it possible for you to enjoy the comfort and luxuries of automobiles radios refrigerators.
Now it’s computers salespeople have helped heal the sick.

Given security to the aged put thousands of people through college, I made it possible for inventors to invent for factories to hum for ships to sail at sea and for rockets to fly in the universe.

How much money you find in your paycheck next week and whether the future, you will enjoy the luxuries of technology, the computer rage, the atomic power, the information superhighway all depends on me: the salesperson, the loaf of bread that you bought today, the supermarket shelf, because I Made sure that the farmers we got to the mill and that the mill made the wheat into flour and that the flour was made into bread and that the bread was delivered to your supermarket.
Without me, the salesperson wheels of Industry would come to a grinding halt with that job’s marriages, governments, freedom thought anything would never get to the next step without a sales consultant.

I’m proud and grateful that I’ve served my family, my fellow man, God and my country.
Yes, sales training matters is just that and I have a passion for educating.
I have a passion for the way: sales consultants distributed value-added knowledge to prospects, potential buyers, current clients.

So when someone tells you that a salesperson cannot make money, they are telling you wrong.

Once again, Brad and Hardison for champion strategy, simply saying if we got something out of it outstanding, don’t forget our guest this coming Wednesday at 12 noon, for artisans tips.
The outstanding John Fairchild with that said, as always, imparting go out a negative champion.

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