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In this edition, i’m going to show you three ways to sell more cars or actually sell anything for that matter, all by simply keeping your mouth shut.
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Well: okay: let’s get to work in jordan belford’s book the way of the wolf one of the tips he gives is for salespeople to just simply quit saying stupid when they’re around their guests and of course we all agree with that.

However, studies also show that around 90 of is non-verbal, so in today’s video i want to show you how to quit doing stupid when we’re around our guests.

Now, let me ask you: have you ever had a sale blow up right in your face? Well, of course, you have, i mean you’re in sales.

After all, if you’ve been in it for a couple months, you’ve had it probably happen, but the last reason that you want to have for not making a sale and losing one is by the way you interact with your guests.

So today, i’m going to give you some ways to increase your face-to-face sales by using three powerful non-verbal psychological hacks number one sit next to your customer during negotiations.

Now your goal of negotiations is to set a stage for collaboration and by sitting next to the guest.

You give them that feeling of we’re in this together now, when you sit on the opposite side of the desk, you send a non-verbal message that it’s you against them win versus lose and that’s really the opposite of the goal that we have in this situation.

Now there’s some ways you can set up your office to go ahead and make this more conducive by having chairs already set up next to each other or possibly even using a circular table.

Now, of course, it’s 2021 and it’s covered protocol, so obviously you’ll have to take that into account until this is all over.

You may have to increase that distance.

The second non-verbal psychological sales hack i want to give you today is look your guest in the eye.

Looking your guest in the eye helps create this immediate bond with your guest and that bond helps you in three definite ways: one.

It helps with empathy.
How often is a sales trainer or manager said, try to sound empathetic well by looking your customer right in the eye they’re going to feel your emotion, plus eye contact creates moments where you’re able to actually feel what someone else is feeling, and this helps link together.
Your emotional states and creates this empathetic and immediate bond with you and your guest.

The second way it helps create this bond.
Is it actually just makes you look better in your customers eyes now, pardon the pun, but numerous studies they’ve shown that people who make higher levels of eye contact with others are perceived as being more dominant and powerful, more warm and personable attractive and more likeable, more Qualified skilled, competent and valuable, trustworthy, honest and sincere and more confident and emotionally stable.

Those are pretty good qualities now.

Lastly, eye contact helps in creating this immediate bond with your guest, because not only do you seem more appealing in every way and you feel more empathetic.
It also improves the quality of the interaction because your guests you’re, conveying to them that you’re actually paying attention and focusing on their needs and their wants now.
There’s a fine line between using this technique effectively and going overboard and maybe coming off as being kind of creepy according to carol kinsley gomen of forbes this technique, this eye contact would maybe be around 30 to 60 percent of the time.

During a conversation with more of eye contact happening when you’re listening versus when you’re speaking, the third non-verbal psychological sales hack, i want to give you today is smile.

Now, the appeal of the smile works because of a phenomenon known as emotional contagion and in healthy body.
People our mirror neurons work when they’re exposed to recognizable facial expressions, and if that facial expression is happy, our mirror neurons they brighten up automatically.

Now this works is each time you smile you activate and release these feel-good neurotransmitters that relax your body and lower stress.

They can even lower your heart rate and been known to lower blood pressure.

Now, because the smile relaxes us, it reduces our stress and we simply feel better when we see others happy and smiling, it’s just the way, we’re wired.

So therefore, a smile on a salesperson’s face has the ability to ignite it, customers joy and improve their attitude and make them happy.
So, by using this contagious power of the smile, we can reduce our customers stress what can be a very high anxiety time like buying a car or buying a home, and that smile could be crucial in putting your customer at ease and making that sale.
I mean after i’ll ever wonder why two sales people they say and follow the exact same processes say the exact same thing.

Yet one closes the sale and the other one doesn’t well.
Maybe if you just smile you’ll find the answer.
Well, there you have it three nonverbal psychological sales hacks that can help you next time, you’re face to face with a guest.

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Thank you.

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