Sales Talk with Brian Maxwell

right up until here we gon na, go.

If I’ve asked a few, we will talk a little bit now we got a lot of people better.
Uncle got people that are at they place a business that they did a shit wrong.
You know so, whether you working at home or you a dealership, let’s talk about it.

Do me one favor, don’t make sure that you can hit comments and whatnot on whatever device you use, so just make sure that you can use your comments um.
As far as on your phone, so man I’m really interested in knowing what’s going on around the country, what’s happening with people um, because, obviously right now you know everything has changed.
What’s up Carlos I’m doing the hey Brian? How are you doing with everything going on any tips on what self all absolutely Carlos? I definitely do um we’re gon na happen in, but you know what I found out.

Most people are going out on Sundays because they believe that the dealership is closed and they honestly don’t want to deal with any salesperson, and so a lot of people are going on.

So the us that Brandon, hey man for Scott Kansas, what’s up Randy, appreciate you being on um, so remember what I said right now other than just so y’all do know.
I’m streaming to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.

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The only thing I ask for is just a like, and I will thank you in advance for that light um, but let’s get into it.
So a lot of people right now are coming in to delicious they’re going in when the store is closed.

Okay and know that is an issue because obviously the store cause, there’s no cell people there and it went home and they’re filling out the applications online or if they are submitted for information and right now, it is far more important to make sure you know what To say on the phone I drew it a motto: Milwaukie checking in the building.

I appreciate that um.
So let’s talk about it, so you making your phone calls and I’ve done videos on this before, but we live indirect and since Carlos asked about what you say on the phone, I’m gon na address that and anything that you all want a tip we’ll shoot it To me in the comments – and I will address it right here with you – no matter what it is – there’s nothing silly um, because you know what happens there’s a lot of people that are that are already working with me pop into these things, and for those of You who may have never heard of me or may have never seen anything I did if you have any questions, shoot them and let’s see what we can do to work them.
So the telephone, as you all know, that’s one of the most feared things in the world.

Okay, let’s face it.
You know what I’m talking about it’s time to go, make that phone call.
It’s really terrifying to make.

That call and let’s be real.
I know when I was doing it in the beginning.
I would pick that phone up and I would hope that I will get a voicemail, but you know you’re hoping that no real person comes on.

Why? Because we really don’t know what to say it.
People Biggers led your team, led my team last month 15 and a half cars from the internet, props to you, Charlie, so 15 and a half cars strictly on in it.
So anybody that’s watching.

Listen is real.
It can really happen.
I wouldn’t even be here talking to you, but you got to know what to say and do so most people when they make the phone call.

What is it they do? They say they say: hey Charlie, tell me where you located should be where you located in the country they caught us say that an individual named Jack wanted him particular vehicle, another product or a service, and you got it.
Okay, that’s really what the issue is.
Your intention for calling Jack is to answer any questions.

Jack may have provide any additional information that Jack may request, but ultimately to set up a time for a Jack and yourself to be able to you and for you to present the vehicle.

That’s what it’s about! You have to put in his main thing: you’re, not calling okay, because if you didn’t have to call you, if you didn’t get that lead, you wouldn’t give a damn about calling Jack.

So just keep it what it is Carlos Dorado a little my team last month, strictly on Facebook best month so far strictly on Facebook.

Can we say marketplace in the house, Germany checking in from Dallas Texas.
We got me a walking.
We got down this Texas.

Where else we got in the house, Gucci, flip-flop, curls, Steven, Tyler, Briggs, automotive and for Scott is in the house.

We appreciate you, man, hey.
I appreciate you two-minute, thank you and to show y’all appreciation.

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Ask for anything, no donations, no cash up, but I would eat your life, so you could take your time and just smash that little gray button appreciate it so the phone, so they call in the end of they say it is Jack, blah blah blah.

Here’s what you say when you call ring ring hey good afternoon: I speak to Jack this Jack Jack.
This is Brian over at ABC, geliarship and Jack.
The only reason I’m calling you always want to give a reason.

The only reason I’m calling is because some information just came to my email that you we’re looking for some information on the 2020 ABCD.
First of all, my only intention is jack is just to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with.

Any additional information you may feel is important.
So what questions do you have that and what information do you feel you know you’d like you to get for you so now, Jack, hesitant, we’ve asked Jack so now Jack gives us information, okay and all of me, no matter what he say.
You want information on this and you know what they typically want.

They typically want the price.
Now here’s where people get stuck because their managers say don’t give a price on the phone, but I want to try to think about something for a minute: how in the world can we be asking an individual to do what we want them to do, but yet They asked us a question first and we’re refusing to do it.
People say like: oh, that’s, not important.

You know, let’s find the thing you love person, you know money, let’s talk about that last, but this individual.
They want to know what the price is.
Why do they want that? That’s their motivating factor of whether it’s worth them spending more time before you make that phone call, you need to look and see what vehicle type they want information on.

Okay, it right there from your phone.
You should be able to look into your inventory and see what it is as far as any limited edition on this particular vehicle this new and then, if you have a pre-owned option price for that particular one.
And if you have any pre-owned cameras, you want to make sure that you get the price on that.

So now, when you want to do the project, that’s when you good tell them hey, Jose.
What’s up man Jose Sanchez checking in, but that’s when you can tell them: okay, there’s a pre-owned.
How much you know! What’s the best price you got on, that you can zero it in when it’s a pre-owned vehicle.

So hey, listen! I wan na! You know.
I know you look up information on a 2018, so you know the camera.
Okay, what information or what questions request? Can I answer what information do you feel you like? I want to know the price awesome all right, what a good news for you, our pre-owned vehicle to range in price, from ten thousand all the way up to twenty six thousand.

So, what’s the narrow it down and make sure that this one is the right fit for you? I have an available time this afternoon at two are one later in this evening at six, which one of these work best for you to be able to put your hands and your eyes on it.
Like most other smart people do okay, you have to learn how to explain these steps.
Alright, that’s really all this about.

So when you make the phone call I’ll run through it again.
So it’s you know green ring a good morning.
That’s me to Jack, please yeah! The reason why you worst name is because nobody calls a friend or somebody they’re familiar with it, says their first and last name.

I please be to jet this Jack Jack.
This is Brian over at ABC, dealership and Jack.
The only reason I’m calling is cuz some information just was linked to my female that you were looking for some additional info on a 2020 2002 camp.

So all I’m here to do is to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with any information.
They carry focus of the crawl is all about Jack.
It’s all about Jack, okay, and you want to make it that way.

So you’re calling from a position of service most salespeople, are calling to try to take something in jail and you’re, not you’re, not selling the vehicle on the fall.
The only thing you’re really selling is the fact of hey, I’m a helpful resource here for you, and I just want to make sure we set up a time to do what other smart people do, which is to put their eyes on it and put their Intel When you subtly class them with other smart people, it increases the likelihood of them actually following through okay.

Look at some of these comments.

Gogi good point.
The only reason I’m calling is organized wordplay as a major factor, vinik Jose exactly you get it.
It’s just organized wordplay and see that’s where people mess up.

Everybody believes that they can just wing it, and let me tell you something: every successful sales professional of any industry mmm music.

What it is, is they’ve honed their process so well that it’s personalized with them.
It comes out as like they’re just talking regularly.

I, like the word scripts anymore, gon na freeze people out, put a word track and, like I’ve said before, whenever people go to the movies they see whatever their favorite movie, is they walk out blow mind blown? Oh, my god, but literally realized those actor, see the script and they memorized and internalize the script, to the point that when they projected it, they personalized it and that’s our goal in this organized wordplay.
Excellent way, to put it gucchi to sales reps before Scott are viewing this Kansas.
What’s up everybody up there and Kansas bit out there for Scott Kansas City, appreciate that Charlie bleachers to buyers drive from Arkansas using the word tracks.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are people, because here’s what it is you know you always hear me.
Tell people hey, go check out.
These videos go.

Do this and the only reason I do that is because you have yeah.
I remember these dealerships me, tens of dollars to come out there and train in their store, live, okay and obviously, there’s no way to be in all of the stores at once, and people follow the vehicles they watching they and they learn, and one thing I always Say is I put the videos out because there are people who are in a position where I mean I they may not ever have anybody come in, but yet they had a desire to get better.

So the YouTube videos are there just to let you know hey.

I know what I’m doing you see me all over the country.
You see me working with different people, but here is access to the information that these dealerships paid for and I’m giving it to you at a fraction of really literally finished on the dollar of what they or what they have to invest and the reason.
Why is the more people we build up? The more people we make better, the better the industry is the better.

It is for everybody, and so you know it’s no sales tactic.
It’s really given individuals, these sales tactics, it’s just like right now with people, you know being at home, some people being late online products for years.
I have you know and they want to know they want to know how you know.

I’m gon na sell a product for years, people see it, they know it and they want to know how they can do it.
You know not granite.
The automotive industry just happens to be my field, but it started to explode where people are asking me because sales or sales right – and so I take the information and I make it available to people it’s like with the whole.

If folks have an idea – and they want to put something together for the internet, I literally thought about it and got with my team.
You know, I believe this season or tomorrow, I’m actually gon na post, something to wear.
Let’s gate say if somebody does want to give the money for them file their home weight on their store.

I got or whatever I got something for you and it’s just taking everything that I’ve done for years.
That obviously works for you here, that’ll be later, but your phone you have to be able to give good phone in business thanks for the shout out.
No doubt man, no God movie, thanks, Brad and movie stars, make millions.

They use a script.
So when you get to that point so think about what we did, we call we first made sure when you’re talking to the right person we didn’t introduce to ourselves and where we are, but we didn’t pause.
The key here is not to pause long enough where they can jump in at that moment, because if they jump in before you give a valid reason, you could be lost, hey what’s up Ari.

Are you doing? We got not a chef in the house, erielle rolling hash tag, not a chef, also meals and whatnot, like recipes.
We’re nice on Facebook to hash tag, not a chef, so noch jeah, hashtag penalty eat, see hei but anyway.
So when you’re making these phone calls to people okay, so we call we gave up, we then we gave name.

Then we gave the reason and then we can’t we.
Let them know that we here strictly to serve you.

You have to realize when most sales people call it and just like steamrolling and trying to sell and yada yada it freaks people out.

Thank you all.
Keep hitting that like button, you tune y’all gon na.
Do your Facebook get some more lights on there, but YouTube is doing up thing: let’s get it up, man, oh they call in, and not only do they not identify the right person.

You ever made a phone call to a customer and went through all that to find out that you wasn’t talking to the right person you’re, not I’m saying, and it’s hard to go through that again and keep the same energy.
So when we make the phone call the an out run through it again just to do it so here it is the old way to people.
Call this my car ringing.

May I speak to Jack Williams.
Yeah, hey Jack is Brian, a VC dealership and I’m calling just to touch base with you, because I wanted to know if you guys still were interested in coming back in and buying this today phone call destroy that’s the old way.
Okay, the way that intelligence sales professionals do it is they call up in this ring ring you see, dinner, ship and Jack.

The only reason I’m calling is because I some information just was sent to me through my email, that you were looking for some info on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma, and I just want to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with any information that You feel is important, so Jack.
What questions do you have for me or what information would you like to comes up? Yeah Brian? I just want to know what happened.
You know, what’s the best price you guys have on that, you know what Jack that’s an awesome question and the good news for you is that we have them ranging from 16 all the way up to 42, so to help us narrow it down and identify which One works best for you.

We can do like most of our others.
One of these work best for you, okay, what is a Gucci with Toyota, his safety reliability, dependability, absolutely so think about what we do it you know, so we start off with identifiers.

Let them know we are giving them the reason, because you don’t want their mind is stood too long.

What’s the reason that you’re cold, why are you here? You don’t want us to on that? Okay, see we’re gon na give them the reason.
Hey, I’m just here to answer any questions and provide you with any information.
You feel works best.

So what questions do you have for me or what information would you like for me to provide for you and remember you want to minimize your pauses, not too long.
So they can’t jump in there.
Okay, you want to be able to make sure that you’ve educated them.

That hey I’m only coming from a position of servitude, and you have to know that that alone is gon na separate you, okay, 49.
Others sales associates that call.
Here’s a 91 % of sales people never make a second call to follow up with a customer, 91 %.

Think about yourself.
How many times have you made that first call but check that doggone CRM? Once later, you said, am I supposed to call that lady back the next day, you know what I’m saying so you know just make sure that when we’re going through and we’re talking with these customers, you come from a place of servitude and prior to calling you Prepare yourself just know: they’re gon na ask you what the price is and, as opposed other ignorant when I say ignorant that doesn’t mean psychic knowledge, most other ignorant sales associates which is trying to steamroll over that ignore it and the insane thing is, you expect a Stranger to do something for you, but yet you wouldn’t do what they asked remember.

The law of reciprocity is real.

So when you come from a position of servitude first and from a place of listening and trying to help first guess what happens, it increases the likelihood that when it’s your turn that customer or that individual will reciprocate that back and at the end of the day, That’s what we want, okay, we want reciprocation, but in order for it to work and what reciprocation means I’ll break it down either further, we’ve all heard the quote: what goes around comes that is for reciprocation.
You know what I give to you.
I expect better what you give to me: you’re gon na give back.

Okay, somebody gives you anger.
Very rarely.
Does somebody give them love back, typically met with anger.

Somebody gives you.
Love is typically met with love, the Jay cells, a psychological, remember, something people by 90 % based off the emotion and back it up with 10 % logic.
Why do you think they have you put the clothes on in the clothing store they’re just I was to be a mirror right there.

Why do you think that innocent lady owned that tray of bourbon chicken and the mall about a food court? It’s standing there to give you that piece, because when they give you that piece, you have to learn this thing.
It increases the likelihood of you feeling obligated to go by how many times have you, tasted that and all of a sudden felt the urge to go? Buy something or how often have you been at a store and tasted a sample and then walked away feeling like shit, because you say damn I took that sample.
I don’t know my god, okay, that is the law of reciprocity at work.

So it’s already being done to you know right in front of our faces, but you have to learn how to leverage it in a positive way, never to take advantage of anybody.
As a matter of fact, anybody that uses that you know you want to give something.
Just to try to get something for selfish intention game, you know, that’s never gon na work out good for you.

It always has to be beneficial for both parties – true and maybe a little bit more beneficial for one or the other, but it can’t be substantial and whatnot.
That’s just not cool okay, so working the phones.
Let’s talk about whatever do social media with the phone, because people get so caught up in the phone.

Do you know you could take an individual’s name to type it right in Facebook and shoot them a message and the likelihood of them responding to you.
Do that message is actually higher than them picking up the phone, you know what they still feel protected and guarded they’ve got that Internet blocking okay, and so you want to learn how to leverage that too, why not shoot them a message on tik-tok or on facebook? People say: oh, that’s, invasion of privacy.
There is no privacy.

When you come to social media you’re on social media, okay, so making the phone call is one.
But after you make that phone call say you do leave a voicemail.
You follow it up to their social media with the message: hey Jack Brian over ed, just left, you a message, listen to it and you can give me a call at blah, blah, blah or I’ll be reaching out to you.

Okay, let them know you send a message, let them know it’s on there, because you know they might do like some people.
I know that don’t check their voicemail for weeks, and so it’s not that they were ignoring you.
They just didn’t know, but you make that phone call.

You leverage that social media outlet but make sure if you’re gon na reach out to somebody through your social media, page, it’s you’re, a dealer pager simply be for your dealership and every customer that buys you need to get a picture of them and a picture with Them – and these are the things you start putting up – you want to post tips as far as relevant to your brand.
How does I know how to do maintenance? Don’t them maintain their vehicle longer will be beneficial for them, but ultimately, for you too, because when you do send that message out to people you reaching out to when they go to that page, and they see that yes, you’ve dealt with other individuals.

You’re sharing information that is helpful to them.

Your credibility goes through the roof and you look like a professional.
Remember something everybody wants to deal with the professional nobody wants to amateur.
If you had a family member or a friend that needed to have a procedure – and you had someone that was a straight-a student graduated top of the class valedictorian – was that cum laude, where whatever that is, they got all of that or you got this guy, honest Or lady that’s been doing it consistent, who you gon na trust, your family’s life in the hands up, and if you said the person would experience you damn right and that’s what this is like.

Customers want to deal with a professional, and so the information that I’m sharing with you is just how to organize your words.
Like my man, Gucci flip-flop crews have put it earlier.

It’s organizing your words in a way to where you’re you’re leveraging, what’s called a sales pattern INRA and what a sales pattern interrupt is is where you take a situation that people in their mind, are expecting.

It’s like when you go on a demo drive with a customer.
They know when you come back, they expect to sit out and be hammered and go back and forth with the numbers.
This is what they’re expecting, but when you come back as opposed to doing that, and they think folks follow me what I like to do, I want to give you all a tour of our service department, so I can at least show you where you’ll be bringing Your vehicle and when it’s time for you to get it, served matter of fact, if necessary, I’ll, even help you schedule your first appointment follow me this way.

Now I don’t mind is saying holy shit.
What we usually sit down, we start getting beat to death over the numbers.
What’s happened, you say: well, listen.

This is our service area.
We do have 24-hour on that key drop.
We have Wi-Fi.

We have several condiments here.
We have an area in case you bring a child a little one and you want to let them play around a little bit.
We do have that.

We do have shuttle service.
So if you need to get to work or get to the mall, we’ll take care of you there too.
As a matter of fact, this has been here.

One of our service advisors that’ll, be helping you out Ben.
This is Jack and his wife Nancy, and they just chill.
We just checking out a Toyota Camry touch 2020, just wanted to show them the area that introduce them to a service adviser.

Then you go, take them and sit them down because here’s why? When they’re coming back off that drive their defensive walls way up, they’re ready to go in and do battle matter of fact.
If you hold the door open they’ll be line it right back to where y’all was sitting at, because this is what they expect, but as opposed to that imagine, it has opposed today when they’re going to sit down you, let where’s your target market, 24-hour key drop.
You’re talking about the shuttle service, you’re, introducing them to an advisor, here’s what’s happening that defensive wall that they add up.

Will it still be there? Yes, but as opposed to 10 feet, I may only be 80 instead of 3 foot wide.
It may be one and a half.
Have you ever been upset with somebody that you live with her, that you know and the person came in with a gift, a flower, a rose or something, and it’s like damn man or if they walk in and they apologize genuinely to you? Yes, it’s like damn or they make you laugh.

You ever been pissed at somebody, and it makes you laugh at you, like you, mother, I’m still mad at you still pissed at you.

Yes, your level of pissed if’ti is still there, but it’s not as high it’s down son and it won’t go back up unless I do something to trigger it back up, so you have to learn how to leverage sales pattern in row.
Please please take heed of what I’m saying: sales is psychological, okay, human beings.

If you try to sell or educate a human being, logically, you will lose.
If we were logical, we would not eat meat.
Nobody was smoked, nobody would drink liquor, nobody will buy multiple houses.

When you can only drive one, nobody will buy multiple cars, but you can only.
I was sleeping, one cars drive one, nobody would do it, nobody will go and spend a hundred and fifty thousand dollars on a chain or a emblem that has their name on it.
That depreciates, that many nobody would do that logically, but damn having a steak with some fat and some a1 on it tastes, good and shoes.

You know I’m saying as far as dropping a few thousand dollars on the suits.
I look good and you know what having 34 cars says, a lot about my status.
All emotional remember: people buy ninety percent based on emotion, we back it up or rationalize it, with 10 % logic.

So when you’re speaking of people, remember it’s all about feelings.
I want to know how you feel I want to know how this makes you feel I’d like to understand how this sounds to you.
These are all open impressions that you can use that get your guests or your customer to provide you an information, not questions of.

What do you think, because here’s? Why, when you ask the person what they think we all have different experiences and some people are so scatterbrained and stare insane they’re nuts.
So when you ask them what they think, you’re really stepping into Pandora’s box and at the end of the day, I really don’t care what you think, not in that manner.
But what’s more important is how do you feel because our thoughts vary so much like a person is just getting out of prison for doing 30 years.

Somebody has never get been to jail.
Their thoughts are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they share the same feelings that were all born with.
When we come here, laughter, no happiness, sadness, anger, joy, hey, we all have feelings, love.

We all have the same feelings now to what degree we activate them.
That’s different, but we all have okay, so when you’re speaking to customers it’s about well, how do you feel okay? How does this make you feel? How does it sound to you and that’s especially true of the telephone, because you have to remember when you had them face to face when it comes to communication? Sixty percent of our communication is body language.

Thirty five percent of it is our voice inflection or our tonality.

Five percent is the King’s English five percent.
So if you’re speaking to people on the phone guess what you’ve lost 60 % of your communicating leverage, you’ve got the forty percent, which is your voice, inflection or tonality.
And then you’ve got the words which have the least impact over the entire situation.

And, as a matter of fact, your body language, while you’re on the phone, will have an effect on your tonality if you’re slumped over and you’re making phone calls, and your phones like this you’re, probably gon na sound like shit.
But if you want the ng to see you know you’re ready to go, you got your hand right there.
You got your notepad right there, you ready to rock and it’s gon na come through.

You just saw me, do it right there? We look at W comment.
Um, oh man, Gucci blip, thought it has to come out smooth, but over time the rough edges will wear off.
I’ve been in the car business for four months and I’m a top seller at our dealership close ninety percent of my dealings with yourself in your customer.

It’s all about the emotion and that’s the power salespeople lose they’re, so focused, you know they get brainwashed in these stores to just become an animal, it lose all type of human.
You know just a human part of us, the feeling, the empathy part, the realizing man.
Some people do have to wait until they hear pain.

Some people really do you know, and some people want to talk to their spouse.

They want to pray about, it they’ve been doing that the old life and I’m gon na get them to change that right.
Then there are no sleep magic words that do that, but there are certain ways that you can respect someone’s space and just ask the right questions and learn enough about.

What’s going on to ultimately still be able to help this person make a smart, safe, buying decision right that day it happens, it happens.
You know many times.
The customers said that you know a they wanted to talk to this.

They spend that.
Let’s say they did want to talk to their spouse.
I love that one and when they said anyone saw their spouse, I’m saying listen, I get it as a matter of fact.

I could make people being respectful and you know them better than anybody else.

Let me ask you, you know what questions do you feel they’re gon na have so I can help you by providing you with some information.
You want to ask what questions do you feel they’re gon na? Have you know better than anybody else, and let me ask you this: how are you gon na tell them that you feel about this particular vehicle? I want to know what they feel.

What they’re gon na tell them.
They feel about it now.
Here’s why I want to know what questions they feel their significant other will ask them, so I can help them by giving them the necessary information, and then I like to know what they are gon na tell their significant other.

They feel about this particular thing.
If you want to hear what they say on both and then ultimately, if they didn’t, you say, hey, do you feel, like your significant other, would like something like this? If everything was you know, it was lined out the right way or you yeah.

Well, listen man! I I know that you told me you liked it didn’t you just tell me you felt that your significant other would like it.

What do you feel we can do to help you and your wife install a significant other start enjoying this vehicle right away? So you want to answer the questions and then it’s like a caller coming up with a plan together.

What do you feel we can do to help you and your significant other start enjoying this right away? Cuz, it sounds like you.
Both you know would like it and it would help you know it’s all about that Jerry, it’s all about it is all about it.

You have to know, is the word trash and that’s why what I? What I do as far as in my program, you’re, not giving over 50 word types just like that.
Do you know how many folks, you know they’re they’re good at their process.
They know how to use social media.

Do you know how many people got involved in my online sales training program strictly to get those word tracks, because listening to a video is cool, but when you have it written down, it’s already in PDF form you just download it now guess what it can be Tailored to fit your store, but it’s already done for you and there’s over 50 of those I mean from making the phone calls to send in the emails to overcoming the objections from price to significant other to trade to shop around.
You know you know you name it it’s there.
Why? Because I remember how I was when I was coming up, and so when I put all these things together like I said these are things that I’ve trained on around a disco dealership around the country for years.

But I was shocked at how many people just were.
Never provided with the basics and that’s why I even went to a cutter dominated to dealership program, there’s three hours of audio on that and an actual digital sales training manual.
That takes a person through every step, but not just the step, but the psychology behind it.

Because that’s important, you have to know why we’re doing what we’re doing you have to know why you’re singing what you’re saying or else it has zero power, zero impact and zero leverage.
You have to learn how to put that feeling behind it and come from a place of genuinely wanting to help somebody make a smart say buying it.
As a matter of fact, in the chat.

What I did is, I posted a link over to the word tracks and to the downloads, and I’m sorry I should have mentioned that, but in the chat, if you tap the live chat and go all the way to the top as a matter of fact, I’ll Do it again right now or post it right now, because what happens is once you go over and you register you’re going to get an email from me? Okay, and not only is it your access, because if you have lifetime access to the to the training materials in a program for you to download them, there’s a how-to Dominator to dealership.
There’s the online traffic search.
There’s the hard drive facebook leads, which is over three hours.

There’s the word tracks, there’s the sales training man I mean when I tell you anybody that has been that has looked at it as join the program.
Have all told me.
They cannot believe why I give away so much information for pennies and I’m saying at the end of the day you know reciprocity is real and I am receiving my blessings that will continue to receive my blessing, because my genuine purpose is just to help people man, You know improved a quality of life, that’s it that’s it, and I personally believe that the automotive industry is the hidden gem that helps people.

Where else can you go with a DB or a high school diploma and have the opportunity to make $ 100,000 a year? It doesn’t, you know it doesn’t happen on a regular basis, you know, and so, when people take advantage of it, people take advantage of it.
That’s that’s where the power is, although I’m just posting this up on Facebook real fast to the link, so you want to take it and I encourage you, you would not work together personally, once you download, you have access to the monthly um to the monthly coaching Session because again, remember something this ain’t gon na last forever and what trips me out is people will say, I’m all wait and then, when it’s time to get out there and actually making money, that’s when everybody want to start training in this ridiculous.
It doesn’t make any sense, why not take advantage of it at home the skills? Now I always use like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, or even Wayne Gretzky.

You know you got to be believed in correct, can use it, but these guys were considered the best of the best and what they did, but they didn’t work on their new moves.
In the games they practiced for hours so that when he got in the game it was second nature.
We got to do the same thing.

We have to click that link in the description go over check.
You will be blown away.
I guarantee you and the fact that you want to work together every month.

Okay, your live access to the coaching sessions with myself with other people.
I will continue as this isn’t a one-night stand.

This is a long-term relationship.

Okay, when you got all these other so-called people talking shit, they sitting in one room, you never see them traveling around the stuff they talking about doesn’t make sense.
The information that I share with you is real and you can feel it.
You see me all over.

The country I love to share the information to show people.

This isn’t a game.
This is really my life.

You know this, isn’t some shit just to jump on and do you guys been seeing? I met this for real two years and thank God for it, because it is provided a very good lifestyle.
You know and yet, like everybody else, there’s always peaks and valleys, but I have far more peace than I do.
Bad, alright.

So make sure you click that link in the description go on over check it out on this video obviously will be available on YouTube and Facebook for you to be able to listen to when you’re, making the phone call making sure you remember that if you need The voicemail that you also follow up with an email and touching them on social media.

Do you know the average person it’s gon na? Take you know five to seven touches in most cases for this person to feel comfortable with you.
So a phone call is a touch.

My email is a touch of Facebook messages to touch a tick-tock messages to touch Instagram messages, a touch, those are touch a voicemail is a touch so five to seven touches.
Remember that so never get upset.
You know, as far as when somebody don’t pick up the phone, they don’t know your number also the the messages that yours right, gucchi lead with your heart.

The voice smells that you lead do not get on the voicemail and leave a five-minute message about all the details of everything.
You’re doing I don’t want to do that.
Okay, what you want to do is your voicemail should be, you know.

Have some detail would be babe, so if you catch the voicemail, hey this message for Jack yeah, this is Brian.
Give me a call.
I got some information for you on a Toyota, 2020 Toyota.

Camry, give me a holler back.
Number is 904 four.
Three: eight eight five, five six talk to you soon.

So listen! I call hey this message for Jack Jack.
This is Brian.
I got some information for you on the 2020 toyota camry um.

Give me a call back at black nine.
Oh four, four three, eight eight.
Five: five, six and I’ll give you the information that we got that you requested.

Thank you all the best bye boom and you’re done.

You didn’t give specific detail you.
Let him know what the call was about.

The call is about information on the 2020 toyota camry.
They submitted a lead on the computer, so curiosity says: hmm, I wonder what information he’s got for me, wonder what information she asks for me.

That’s what creates the callback and you want to make sure you have a Google Voice number or I forgot what the other new app is.

It’s a number that you can give out to your customers without them having your personal private information, and I always suggest that for women you should always have that Google Voice or that other number, and it can.
You know the app you go around on your phone and that’s what you give out it minimizes any creeps being able to track you with your real number to find out where you live.
It now saying it what happened, but I highly recommend protecting yourself.

So you can go to Google Voice and I know there’s this new other one tech, something that people are using or you can leverage that okay.
But you want to get that, so you can give it back.
You can give it out to your customer, okay um, but what other questions are there Kevin I’m putting down the spin as we speak? We brought up what I’m talking about.

Okay, put my man on Facebook, Kevin Folse said it’s closing the deal right now as we speak folks, the game is real.
Okay and right now this whole situation of everybody sitting home.
I hope it walking you up, especially if you have a family and people that depend on because, as I stated before, most development, economic growth and great ideas come to a so-called recession or some type of national crisis, and right now, folks have been watching.

Netflix they’ve been doing anything and they’re waiting to get back to work, but yet by them waiting when they can get in the game and it’s time for them to start earning and really making money.
Guess what that’s when they got to spend their time.

Trying to learn new stuff or using the old shit that they had and blowing opportunities.

No, the time is right now for you to take advantage and listen how in the world can you ever expect people to invest in you if you don’t feel like you’re worthy to invest in you, if you’re struggling closing deals, that’s what do you feel like you’re Worth the investment, do you see you investing in yourself a book or an audio, because here there’s a lot of free stuff on the internet? But let me explain something to you.
Free information is good, but it never makes you great I’ll repeat that free information is good, but it never makes you break there’s nothing that I read online are free that ever took me to the next level.
It was always when I just had a little skin in the game, the individual that it was mentor me or that I was learning from.

I was fortunate enough to take their 1020 years of experience and to be able to invest in it and condense it down.
To maybe a week two weeks, however long it takes me to finish that book or that program, because the old you know statement is only a fool learns from their own experience.
A wise person learns from the experience of others and Isaac.

Newton said it best.
If I see further than and others is because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants – and so I stated about my channel earlier – there are no commercials, never no at a shop request, no donation as a matter of fact, even with the product, whether somebody invest in It or not, it’s not my problem, but I do put it out there, because when people say they want to get better, they want to learn, and it’s not just about automotive sales, it’s bigger than that.
The training is tailored around that, but it can be applied and is being applied now.

Many insurance agents have doubt how many real estate agents download this program because they hear the methodology and they say – oh all, I got to do – is sell out the vehicle and throw in the house that’s it and for pennies on the dollar.
People are getting our opportunity for literally literally less than what two people will go to Sin City eat at Applebee’s.

Individuals have access, you can have access to this information for life is yours to download just once.

You know, and it has nothing to do with any monetary gain.

It’s all about.
You have a skin in the game.

Do you know the work that I have to put in if I’m not on the road to put these videos together and put them out, because I don’t know how to go live most of the time you know and then there’s other people to help.
But do you know what that what that takes? What that entails? You understand this is all about love, and I’m not talking about necessary love, for me is love for your damn self.
So, as you listen to this on how to make a phone call when you listen to this or how to get the tour after the demo drop, when you listen to this or how to transform the way, you think and realize that you are a boss, you Have to stop thinking like an employee, you’re, a boss and the reason why I say: you’re a boss, because you’ve been the CEO of the best business that you will ever own in your entire life.

And that’s you and up to this point, what you’ve accepted as a yearly wage or an hourly income.
It’s how you valued your business and now it’s time to change that.
But in order to increase and improve a business, you have to improve its value and the only way you can improve its value by what you put in the business or in the store or in your mind, for a clothing store to be successful.

They got to put the right clothes in there for restaurant to be successful.
They got ta have the right food in it.
For you to be successful, you have to have the right tools in your mental rolodex, where we born with them.

Yes, but they’ve been disassembled and that’s why it’s called to remember something because you’re taking the thoughts things that really make you a better to spread up and you are reading reconnecting them to realize you can do it.
If an idiot like myself can do it, you can do it.
Hey Kevin um, my man, uh Gucci, flip-flop curse out there and for Scott Kansas gave you a shout out and say: congratulations, alright, um any other questions y’all because I actually jumped on you ever been on here a little longer than I thought.

I’ve been on here.
Almost ha, but once I get going, I get going, make sure y’all click that link in the chat um.
There will be a link available in the description and in the comments, but click that link and going over and check it out.

I assure you, um you’ll, be happy that you did especially you take advantage of it, and the one part is an addition program, because there’s like six full program that you get included in this literally for pennies and the one hundred success tips, you can actually let Your significant other or your children listen that, because that’s all about motivation how to be better.
You know, as opposed to being affected by the televised programming.
It’s called television programming and when you program something you add, data to it and mixing it up.

So please be careful while you’re watching the news, the televised programming watching that television telling lies to your vision and keeping you in panic and fear when in reality you have to be careful.
Yes, but at the same time you have to maintain confidence believe in positivity, because if you have to think you might as well think negative, I mean think positive.
You might as well think positive.

You might as well, because being negative ain’t gon na change it.
My packet to kill you quicker so when you’re making your phone calls make sure.
When you call you identify you, introduce you give the reason you find out if either one of those options are something that they’re looking for that they’re suited for that they want, and then ultimately, you want to set it up for them to come in, like other Smart people do be able to see it put their hands on it.

Alright and remember man, stay positive, please believe in yourself believe in your ability to maintain believe in your ability that you will win.
You know I tell people that if something happens and I do get caught in the wilderness and there’s myself and a bear – you better pray for that.
Damn bear because I’m coming out, I’m coming out.

Okay, with a pair of fresh bear, cloves bear gloves and a brand new fur bear coat.
I’m coming out pray for the bear because if you ain’t, a big dog state, your puppy ass on the porch and, I believe, you’re a big dog, especially for being here watching this see, I know more about you than you think I do well.

Everybody else pops in and leaves out cuz there’s a few of you that I watched at a maintain to sustain and if you’re, not a part of the program all over it is.

You should be not a part of program justice because you have what it takes.

You already have it just you know, help yourself treat yourself.
Don’t cheat yourself, allow the information to do for you, what it’s doing for hundreds of others.

You got people still selling 15 20 units a month in spite of what’s going on, you can do it too.

All right so other than that y’all I’m going to get a body.
I appreciate everybody.

You too, we did a good job.
We got ta get more folks that jump down, but this was fun.

Um shoot me any other questions.
You got leave them in the comments.
Cuz uh, I’m about to eat lunch.

I haven’t eaten lunch.
Yet, as a matter of fact, I want my Doritos first time I’ve ever eaten on camera.
In all the years.

I’ve been doing this damn I violated the code but y’all.
Thank you.

The link in the chat go over check out the how-to, dominated and inertia program.

I’m sure also get you be on the lookout, because, if you are looking for ways either be able to supplement dad yes, I got something to help you out, so I don’t the other but uh other than that y’all.

Thank you appreciate.

You have an awesome day.
Click that link in description going over check it out other now, I’m Brian Maxwell and I’ll see you at the dealership, y’all holla, hey you’re, welcome Carlos appreciate you bro .

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