Sales, Selling, and Prepping Finance Questions and Answers

Hello, everyone, Noah wall, share with conquer you, and we are on the course sales and F & I sales process and in this training module.

I wanted to talk about how salespeople need to be able to answer four questions to the Finance Manager, so finance managers.
You should all be asking your salespeople.
These four questions before you take the tío and start presenting product to the customer.

First question: ask the salesperson: how are they to work with find out what the relationship was like with the salesperson and the customer find out that customers attitude find out that customers personality find out that customers focus ask how were they to work with? Are they financing or paying cash? If the answer is cash find out, if that cash actually means taking money out of a out of a retirement account, whether it means going to a credit union, whether it means going to their own personal bank find out what that cash means and if their financing Ask them who did they finance their previous vehicle with third, what two products did you prep and why find out what finance products that sales person presented prepped and promoted you for in the department? So therefore you know where to get started.
You know where their thoughts are, and you know where their interest may lie.
Fourth, last but not least, ask the salesperson.

What else do I need to know about the customer? We already covered these three things, so we know the most of the bulk of what we need to know right there, but ask the fourth thing: is there anything else? I need to know about this customer.
Make sure that you, as a finance manager, are asking these four questions and make sure that your salespeople are trained to be able to answer these four questions once and again always forever and oil Walsh go out and conquer.

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