Sales Professionals of America Recruiting – Yoshi Von Automotive Sales Training

All right, and who is this handsome young gentleman, stand in front of me: Yoshi Yoshi, you just attended to self professionals of America, automotive sales training uh.

What did you think about the training life-changing event? I learned so many things.
I learned how to actually communicate a whole lot better and, as you can see, my voice is a lot louder than it used to, because I used to talk like, I feel, a lot more confident than I was before before Stephanie good, more confident, all right, where You gon na be working at Yoshi where you gon na be selling it.
Oh you something at ha, no babbling and Abilene Texas, hard of abilene.

All right, listen man! I’ve been a pleasure being with you this week.
I know you’re gon na be a rock star.
Just keep rejecting all right all right, Yoshi .

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