Sales Professionals of America Recruiting Training Review Paul Ragland

Paul Ragland Paul man tell me what you thought about training this week.

I was great it’s one of more intense training programs.
I’ve ever been through through the various sales positions i’ve held, but it’s definitely, I feel more comfortable going into it now than I have with any other job.
So it’s fantastic.

What’s something you picked up that you feel to help you out there on the dealership floor? Maybe the thing that I picked up is everybody knows car salesman or pushy.
That’s the stereotype, but we’re not here to sell cars, we’re going to help people by and that’s the main thing.
That’s Aquarius excellent me.

You know you got a lot of energy.
Young you’ve been doing going how to do anything.
I think you gon na be a rock star that it stay focused and persist and follow the process.

Man being grateful thanks.

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