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Hi, I’m Brian Maxwell, the owner of sales professionals of America recruiting and now more than ever it is extremely critical, but dealerships and dinner groups across the country to make sure that they have the best people in the right seat on the bus.

But that can be extremely challenging and very time-consuming.
I mean, let’s face it, I’m sure if you’re, like most other successful dealerships, you’d much, rather your management teams, time being spent at the dead, helping other team members close deals and providing that high level of customer service to your existing value customer base, as opposed to Them spending hours upon hours, meeting with different people who may be coming into this looking for a job which that suggests of a rope as opposed to meeting those who are jumping into it.

Two foot first looking at ads career, but this is where sales professionals of America will provide value for you, like we do so many other dealerships all across North America.

You see it’s very simple.
All you do.
Is you tell us exactly what you’re looking for and then what we do? Is we utilize one of our mini optimized and tailored job boards that are trading talented sales professionals anywhere throughout the tourney? Once we identify that ideal candidate, they’re invited to interview one side at your derision now during our interviews when we find those people that seem like they’ll be the right fit, we invite them to a three-day sales training class, also held at your store.

Now here are the advantages of us being able to interview and train candidates enter story.
Before you start your hiring process number one.

We get the opportunity.

You also get the opportunity to observe when watch them engaging and interacting with other team members and other new hire candidates get a chance to what how their attitude is.
How do i matter is bizarre and, most importantly, consistent person that I would like to sell them.

Helped my mother, by vehicle, alright, did after the three days you have the opportunity to select from the best of the best those that are left over throughout the transition of the training class.

Now, during the training class, what we cover it, we teach them on road to the sale.
We also educate them and train them on everything from creating the custom building trust by establishing, before the walk around the demo, drive and wandering tiny requested program that all of our dealer, clients really like, is where we educate and train them on how to leverage the Power of social media to increase brand awareness, dealership awareness and also to generate new business, but I’m setting because live traffic is great, but it should be icing on the cake.
Every Sales Professional should be a walking talking, billboard letting everyone know what they do where they do it at proudly, but most don’t because they were never taught.

This is where we step in, and we do that for you.
We educate and train your salespeople so when they turn it over to your management’s that they have a foundation to make an understand, sir mentality, they know what’s expected of them and everything is it so far it actually minimizes the learning curve and makes it to where, If you give cell phones out the gate that whistle with some shaping and molding to get out there and execute for you immediately, ok, now it’s extremely simple for us to help! All you have to do is fill out the form your own fade or give us a call, and one of our team members will help you as quickly as you give us.
The opportunity simply tell us exactly what it is you need and we go to work for you right away.

Let us do the heavy lifting for your store and let you want do what you do best, which is providing high level of customer service to your guests until you’re already better cuz you, let us go out there and find all star players to ask your team.
I’m Brian max would – and I look forward to seeing you at the time .

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