What’s up gang brian maxwell with hoping, you had an excellent merry christmas and that you have a safe new year’s eve and an even better new year’s day.

But one of the things i want to talk about is that, as you end out this year, make sure that there are several things that you keep at the forefront of your mind.
Number one.
Regardless of what time of year, it is always be focused on making sure you do the appropriate greeting meaning green somebody with a smile on your face that you extend that fist bump that chicken wing or some type of a vowel or a gesture, to show that You respect and appreciate the fact that they came in make sure that you are getting their name and when you get their name, write it down.

If you don’t have one of these miniature spiral, notebooks in your pocket go to the dollar store and grab one they’re really inexpensive and here’s.
Why that’s critical? Have you ever been introduced to somebody and forgot their name in the first 10 or 15 seconds right? We all have so what you want to do is you want to minimize the odds of you, making a mistake, and how do you do that by writing their name down and before you write it down, get their permission? Hey.
Do you mind if i jot your name down? I want to make sure i address you the right way, it’s very important to me.

What are they going to say? No, the next objective is to get them inside, not bouncing them around carter.
Car use the elements as your excuse – hey folks, um, you know which one of our vehicles y’all, like some information on uh.
The 2020 second says awesome.

Well, let’s do this follow me inside we can step out of this cold weather.
Ask you all a few questions and then i’ll get you all the information on what you feel works best and bring them inside and sit them down now when you sit down with them, make sure that it doesn’t become like an interrogation where it’s all about that Vehicle, okay, you do want to get relevant vehicle information, but information about that person is so much more important.

What are they looking for new or pre-owned, whether they gon na be using it for business or personal use, and then what type of work do they do, and if it’s for personal use, is it their daily driver? Will they be? Who would they be driving in it with if there is a significant other? If there are children, what’s their names? What type of cool things do they like to do? You know what i mean, this type of information shows an individual that you really care about them.

It’s more than just about you, making a sale, it’s about you establishing a relationship and attempting to get some keen understanding.
Next thing you want to do when you feel like you’ve, got all the relevant information before you separate from them, explaining them as quickly as possible.

What’s going on all right folks, listen based on information you gave me, i believe we had exactly what’s going to work for you guys, but before i get you all excited about it, hey.
Let me go make sure it’s still here and b.
Let me go get with my manager to make sure that i’ve answered everything the appropriate way in the meantime i’ll be right back.

Would you guys, like any coffee, water or anything before i step away, make sure they fully know and when you find the vehicle pull it around? It’s freezing outside in some parts of the country, even here in florida, we’ve had 40 some odd degree days so get the vehicle crank that heat on make sure the radio is turned down, make sure there’s no trash in there no leaves on it no snow or Ice on it, pull it around to the front to make it that much more of a shorter ride.

I mean shorter, walk from where they have to go from your office or workstation or desk or wherever you are out there to the vehicle.
Okay, when you’re doing the walk around maintain control standing at the front of the vehicle, you guiding the presentation as opposed to standing back texting and letting them show themselves the vehicle.

Trust me, if you let them do that, they will never build value to justify paying more for a vehicle to themselves better than you will.
Okay, when you go on, your demo drive make sure that you’re giving them some time to talk about themselves amongst themselves.
But when you have that dead air, if you’re going to ask any question as opposed to the salesy hey, do you see yourself owning this? Ask them questions that makes it more about them.

Let me ask you two: what’s the first place, you want to go out to eat in your new vehicle or what’s the first vacation you and your family gon na, take in your new van or your new truck or who’s? The first person you’re gon na go show your new vehicle to you know when you get it.

These types of things are the same type of questions to help assume ownership, but they are coming from a different angle, because when the customer answers you, you know, i’m gon na show my mom.

Are we gon na go to this restaurant we’re gon na go on this vacation in order for them to answer that they had to assume ownership? So it’s more than just a general question: it’s actually getting them to assume ownership.
In order to answer you, when you bring them back, make sure you park that vehicle in the sold lane make sure you give them a tour of the service area prior to sitting them down.
When you sit them down, make sure that when you explain the price options, when you give it to them and they select or let’s just say if they don’t select, have an issue, make sure that you know your basic coverage packages, the things that they get, that Will help them also save money by not having to pay for that engine repair transmission repair that one years that they can get their brakes replaced those windshield wipers, the transmission, the drive train.

These are things that most customers have no idea about when they go on.
With the business manager and they’re offering extended coverages they’re saying they’re trying to get me because they were never told about the original coverages and trust me covering those original coverages can help justify the price.
When you let them know, hey, listen for the next three years.

36 000 miles you get our basic limited warranty now.
What that means is that any mechanical part on this vehicle, with the exception of the of the tires, has an issue.
All you got ta do is call me text me or email me and i’ll get it taken care of meaning.

If the power lock stopped working, the power windows stopped working, the seat starts.
Acting up, don’t hesitate, you call me you text me or email me.
As a matter of fact, in the first 12 months your windshield wiper blades are covered the first 12 months or 12 000 miles.

So in seven, eight months or so you bring the vehicle in i’ll, get your windshield wiper chain so covering it like this, as opposed to yeah, you have a a basic limited warranty.
Three year 36 mile basic limited warranty.
What the hell does that mean? They don’t know, and most sales people don’t know so make sure you know what that basic limited warranty covers.

Make sure you know what that drive train covers, how it covers the engine, meaning that if the engine has any issues you having any problem with it don’t hesitate.
You call me you text me: you email me, i’m gon na get that vehicle brought in and we’re gon na get that engine checked out.

Imagine this if you had to come out of pocket to pay for that yourself.
Who knows how much that could be? Luckily, for you, we got you covered for the next five years or 60 000 miles with the drivetrain, i mean with the uh, with the power train coverage not only with the engine but the transmission.
That means you have any issues shifting gears.

It seems like it’s hesitating, don’t wait, you call me you text me, you email me, i’m gon na get that vehicle brought in and we’ll get you taken care of.
These are the things that people want to hear.

Okay and then, when it’s time for them to go on with the business manager, let them know what’s going on: hey, listen, folks, all right, based on what you told me, this is the best price option for you.

This is your initial investment.
So what i’m gon na do i’m gon na go get with the business manager, get everything set up, so you guys can go in there with him and as far as with these coverages, if you see the value in the coverages like most of our other customers, Do you will have the option to extend those when you go in there with the business manager? Okay set the stage and then outside of that wait until they come out, don’t just run off and be with someone else when they come out.
Thank them again.

Go over the owner’s manual with them make sure their phone is programmed in another video.
I’m gon na show you how to utilize programming the phone at a different place that could really help them assume ownership that can help you close more deals but other than that stay positive stay focused please and more than anything else take advantage of the automotive sales Training information that is available click, the link in the description go over and check it out, because all that money people spent out for christmas on gifts and stuff that will give them no return.

Now we’re going into the new year and we got to do this.

All over again and definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
If you want better results this year – and you don’t want the economy and whatnot to weigh down on you and you want more control, take control, click that link in the description go on over check out some of the awesome online trainings, but other than that.
I’m brian maxwell wishing you and your family a very, very happy new year and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership in 2021.

All right y’all be easy.

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